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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 blog!


On this blog you can see some of the fun and creative things that the children get up to in year 3. From visitors, to trips and learning, the blog will have links and photos for you to enjoy. 







The children have been working hard this week to research Romanisation and what the Romans brought over to Britain when they invaded. As part of a group then researched, made notes, created posters and finally presented their findings to the class. I was super impressed with their professional skills when presenting and certainly learnt a few new facts i didn't know before. 






Year 3 were lucky enough to have a Roman Inspired day at Sir Harolds Hillier's gardens. Wrapped up warm, they got to take part in an archaeological dig to find and identify artifacts from different periods of time, cook a traditional Roman snack over an open fire and have a go at creating some mosaics and structures with clay. The children also got to handle some real Roman artefacts which were over 2000 years old. We had such amazing day and as you can see from photos, a lot of fun was had by all. 










Once again the weather held off which meant our wonderful walk to the local church could still happen. Lots of laughter and singing could be heard along the walk and a traditional service telling the story of the nativity was brilliantly executed by the children and vicar. Well done to all of the children that told the story at the front of the church, you all spoke beautifully. 

Thank you to all the parents who joined us as well, as usual, it was great to have your support with events like this. 

Wellow walk to church

Wellow walk to church  1
Wellow walk to church  2
Wellow walk to church  3
Wellow walk to church  4
Wellow walk to church  5
Wellow walk to church  6





The children had a great time at the Year 3/4 Christmas Party this afternoon. From dance moves to 'poop the potato' there was lots of fun and laughter had by all. Thank you to all who sent their children in with some tasty treats too, the children had quite the feast and it was very much appreciated by everyone. 

Year 3/4 Christmas Party!!

Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 1
Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 2
Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 3
Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 4
Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 5
Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 6
Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 7
Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 8
Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 9
Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 10
Year 3/4 Christmas Party!! 11