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Year 4

Welcome to our brand new Year 4 Blog.

We are hoping to post regular updates throughout the course of each term. These will not only include examples of our learning activities but also any special events, visitors and other 'interesting' information. For example, we always try and watch the morning edition of Children's Newsround and this can often generate discussion around whatever the latest news articles may be, leading to plenty of 'food for thought'.

It is very much a 'Year 4' blog and this means that ALL members of our class community will potentially have opportunities to make their contributions.

Please pop onto this page from time to time and hopefully it will give you a brief 'snapshot' of life in Year 4.

Monday 28th January 2019 - VIKING DAY


What a tremendous start to the week!

Year 4 had the pleasure of hosting a visit from a very special guest today - 'Sig the Viking'.

It is safe to say that 'Sig' wasn't your normal, 'run-of-the-mill' type of guest either.

The day was fun-packed and we were kept extremely busy throughout.

In the morning, 'Sig' helped us to understand more about why the Vikings came over to our shores in the first place and we heard tales about some very 'colourful' (make that 'bloodthirsty') characters. We got the opportunity to talk about and look closely at some everyday Viking artefacts and then undertook a quick research task to help us answer some teasing quiz questions. The topics ranged from Viking battles, home-life, runes and riddles, to Norse navigation and archaeology. Our morning finished with a brain-teasing game or two of 'Fox and Geese'.

In the afternoon, Sig had returned to school in his full Viking armour and brought with him an array of rather lethal looking weaponry. As well as learning about the various bits of armour, shields and sharp, pointy implements, we took part in lots of games - including 'spear' throwing (with foam 'spears' of course) and lots of one-to-one battles of strength with one another.

The day ended with yet another of Sig's wonderful sagas/myths about some of the Viking Gods.

I must take this opportunity to say a huge 'Thank you' to all the parents and carers who helped the children with their costumes and clothing - the children all looked marvellous and it really helped to make the experience even more special.

Take a look at some of the pictures below - hopefully, they will give you a little taste of the sort of fun we have all had throughout the day.

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Christmas Party Wednesday 19th December2018

Wow! What a fantastic afternoon we have had in Years 3 & 4.

Lots of party games (including the children trying out some 'groovy' moves on the dance floor') followed by a veritable feast of savoury and sweet food offerings (including some healthy options I hasten to add). A huge 'Thank you' to all the parents for providing such a generous banquet - it helped to make the afternoon such a success.

Both Miss Hancock and I were incredibly impressed with how well-behaved all the children were, in spite of the inevitable high levels of excitement.

Have  a look below at some of the pictures which will hopefully give you a little flavour of the fun we all had.

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly coming to its climax - only two school days left.

Just a reminder that we will all be walking to the church tomorrow morning for our Christmas service. Please make sure that your child brings some wellington boots or similar footwear to wear on the walk. Thank you for your support.

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