Wellow Primary School


Welcome to Preschool

In September 2018 Wellow School opened a preschool providing a wonderful opportunity to bring under one roof, the care and knowledge of children in the area from 2 years old right through to 11 years old. Getting to know families from an early starting point means that we can, over time build a community that is uniquely available to the people of Wellow and the surrounding areas, to ensure that our children have the very best start to their education and life journey.


Wellow Pre-School is a teacher led setting with a fully trained, qualified and experienced, early Years Teacher leading the unit alongside other NVQ qualified staff.


Pre-school children  share all the benefits of school resources (hall space, library, music area, large field and extensive grounds) in the familiar comfort of a cosy dedicated pre-school space. Combined with the school’s infrastructure, expertise in teaching and learning and strong leadership and governance, our onsite pre-school provides high quality provision, with a seamless transition to school.


Any enquiries about the preschool should be emailed to preschool@wellow.uwinat.co.uk


The availability of an on-site pre-school does not change the way children apply and are admitted to the main school. Children will be equally prepared to move and attend any primary school. Even with the pre-school as part of the school all parents must make an application for their child to be offered a place in the Reception classes, i.e. they will not automatically progress from the pre-school to the Reception class. Applications will be handled using the County Council’s school admissions policy which gives priority to children living in the catchment area.