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An Italian Project

An Italian Project 


Before school closed, we started to learn all about Italy but we didn't get to finish the topic so I thought I would create a project full of different activities which you could do at home to complete it. There is a range of activities which you could choose from or over the next few weeks you could have a go at completing all of them. 


Now the reason it is called a project is because I would like you to gather all of the facts you find out and activities you complete along the way and present them in any form you like. It could be as a booklet, powerpoint presentation or on a display board-however you choose. Then I would love to see some of the projects you created by asking an adult at home to send me a picture by email or bringing them into school when I see you again. 


If you just want to complete some of the activities then that is also ok to but creating a project can be great fun. 


The presentation with the activities and sheets to go with them are all below (although some may be uploaded later this week). 


I can't wait to see what you learn about Italy!!