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Our aims in teaching Art and Design at Wellow Primary School are that all children will build upon their natural pleasure in visual communication to:

· Find enjoyment in creating art and see themselves as artists.

· Find achievement and fulfilment through artistic expression.

· Develop skills using a range of materials and techniques.

· Express feelings and ideas through imaginative creative work in 2 and 3 dimensions.

· Record and study their surroundings analytically.

· Develop an artistic vocabulary to enable them to discuss and understand their own and others work.

· Appreciate and evaluate the work of a variety of artists from their own and other cultures and periods of time

Teaching Safeguarding through Design & Technology

At Wellow, through our curriculum we support children to…

  • understand that all art should be respected and valued
  • that everyone can be an artist, everyone has a different opinion of what is ‘good art’
  • accept that the outcome might not be as expected and to
    maintain a positive mind-set
  • celebrating success with positive praise
  • to reflect and making choices including accepting reflections from others
  • accept and recognise the differences of the human form and viewing life drawing with respect

Curiosity, Innovation and Excellence