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Vision and Intent 

At Wellow primary school we believe that our rich curriculum will allow children to learn about and be inspired by great artists, artworks, styles and different cultures’ art from around the world.


Art and design is an essential means of creative expression that boosts self esteem and has a positive impact on health and wellbeing and personal expression. It gives children the opportunities to ask questions and think deeper, working at both individual and collaborative levels. These opportunities to work for a common purpose help demonstrate to children that their contribution is important.


At Wellow, Art is planned in way that children can build on a progression of skills using a broad range of art and design techniques. We aim to develop inquisitive learners with a lifelong passion for learning . This will set them in good stead for their secondary education and help prepare them for employment opportunities.


Children are taught about the lives and works of a range of artists, craft makers and designers. They look at similarities and differences between artists and look at art from arrange of cultures. The engagement in creative and critical thinking are key tools in enabling children to produce their own art work, thereby boosting confidence and building resilience and encouraging risk taking. These traits and both associated with good mental health.

Each child values their sketchbook as a place to develop and experiment with ideas and techniques as they build knowledge and skills. Children are encouraged to take great pride in their artwork and it is displayed as much as possible.



Our aims in teaching Art and Design at Wellow Primary School are that all children will build upon their natural pleasure in visual communication to:

· Find enjoyment in creating art and see themselves as artists.

· Find achievement and fulfilment through artistic expression.

· Develop skills using a range of materials and techniques.

· Express feelings and ideas through imaginative creative work in 2 and 3 dimensions.

· Record and study their surroundings analytically.

· Develop an artistic vocabulary to enable them to discuss and understand their own and others work.

· Appreciate and evaluate the work of a variety of artists from their own and other cultures and periods of time

Art Learning and Curriculum

Curiosity, Innovation and Excellence