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Caterpillars & Chicks

The Lifecycle of our Class Chicks 

Day 1

Ivor kindly responded to our letters and dropped off some eggs to our classroom to care for in our incubator. We set the temperature to 37.5 degrees with a humidity of 45%. We spoke about how not to touch the incubator apart from checking on the water. The children especially like hearing the sound when the eggs turn every hour!


Day 14

The children were still counting down to day 19. On day 19, turning must stop, the temperature lowered and humidity raised ready for the chicks to hatch. 


Day 19

Mr & Mrs Skinner kindly have been to the school to change the settings on the incubabtor. Mr Skinner messaged me to say he could already hear some 'cheeping' and the eggs are beginning to move on their own.  


Day 21

Our chicks start to hatch. Six are born over night.

They must stay in the incubator for 48hrs to allow others to emerge.


Day 22

Mrs Larcombe visited the classroom just at the right time!

Another 5 chicks have hatched.


Day 23

Miss Downs moved the chicks to the brooder. Here they will get stronger and start to eat and drink. Sadly they will go back to the farm very soon...


Day 27

Ivor came back to the class to collect the chicks and take them back to the farm. Miss Downs and I had a quick 'cuddle' with a few of them. Ivor arrived and thanked us for taking care of the chicks. We were sad to see them go.