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Dear Parent/Carer,


We would like to share some exciting news! Finally we can restart our work towards Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation (!


Eco-Schools began in 1994 and is the largest educational programme on the planet (there are currently 70 countries delivering the Eco-Schools programme around the world), in England it is operated by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. The Eco-Schools programme focuses on empowering young people to lead environmental education and action in their school, local community and beyond. It does this by providing a simple, seven-step framework that turns pupils into forward-thinking, decision-making, planet-protectors.


Just a reminder of the multiple reasons we first decided to embark on the journey to Eco-Schools Green Flag. Firstly, our planet (and all life on it) is already beginning to feel the catastrophic effects of climate change, plastic pollution, biodiversity loss and a myriad of other environmental challenges. We want our pupils to be aware of the challenges our planet faces, and will continue to face throughout their lifetimes. We don’t want our pupils to avoid or shy-away from these challenges: we want to engage young people in conversations about them and we want to provide them with the skills needed to tackle these challenges directly.


Our hope is by doing this we will empower our pupils with the passion and skills to protect our planet now and throughout their lifetimes, including as they grow to become leaders, decision-makers and educators themselves. Alongside benefitting our planet, we also hope it will benefit our pupils - independent research has found that pupil participation in the Eco-Schools programme leads to: increased confidence, development of leadership skills, improved behaviour and greater motivation at school. We also anticipate it will help our school, it is proven Eco-Schools consume less water, use less energy and produce less waste, which creates financial savings for schools which can then be spent on important educational resources.


You may be reading this and wondering, ‘How does this impact me?’ Well, our current Green Gang (who were nominated this week) are yet to decide on the environmental actions we will embark upon, so a detailed answer is difficult. However, over the coming months you may notice: environmental hints and tips on our school newsletters; collection of milk bottle tops and all kinds of pens etc for a local charity, invites to litter-picks, community gardening days or other similar events; requests for donations of time, equipment or expertise; and, perhaps most noticeably, a young person in your home with a keen interest in all things environmental. This interest may manifest in various ways, which may include: increased awareness of correct recycling practices; a determination to switch lights off when not in use; a desire to create bug hotels and bird feeders; offers to help nurture nearby plants and maybe sometimes even requests to time their (and your) showers!


I hope you’re as excited about our continuing Eco-Schools journey as everyone at school is - if you would like to find out more, or get involved, please feel free to contact me directly at and a big thank you to a year 1&2 Mum, Laura Cole for volunteering to help with this initiative.



Wendy Brooks, Eco-Coordinator

As part of our Eco School initiative we are setting up a collection point within the School to support Hampshire Search and Rescue Dogs and Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Please support the initiative by collecting the following items –

● Milk Bottle Tops for Hampshire Search and Rescue Dogs

● Pens for Wiltshire Air Ambulance

○ Pens

○ Markers & felt Tips

○ Highlighters

○ Mechanical Pencils

○ Correction Fluid

Each item collected will be used to create various items such as playground equipment, coffee tables, benches and watering cans and provide funding for two great causes.

All recycled items can be collected in the designated bins located inside the main doors of the Year 2 entrance.

Mike from Country Consumables has also kindly offered to be the village collection.

Thank you in advance for your support,

The Green Gan