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Our aim is to enable every child to communicate effectively and confidently both written and spoken and for a range of purposes. Our curriculum is shaped around a broad range of high quality texts that reflect the social and cultural world in which our children live.


We know that children need a secure understanding of phonics to become effective readers. Throughout their Reception Year and Year 1, children learn to decode words for reading through daily Read Write Inc. lessons. We want all children to become lifelong readers and we encourage children to foster a love of reading from the very start through story based topics and activities as well as our broad range of reading scheme books. As children develop into fluent readers, we teach comprehension and information retrieval skills through exciting and progressive Reading Learning Journeys. These journeys reflect each year’s national reading curriculum but the books studied are not limited to children’s reading ability. Instead they ensure children experience a broad range of literature with exciting and varied vocabulary.

At Wellow we are committed to ensuring every child develops the skills they need to read for information and for pleasure. Alongside high quality reading lessons, we monitor children’s progress and have the Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader programme as part of our rigorous monitoring toolkit.

We believe every child has the right to enjoy and learn from high quality literature and are proud that our library, our class reading areas and our links with Hampshire School Library Service ensure the books we have are relevant and engaging for the children in our school.

Handwriting, Spelling and Grammar

At Wellow we understand that to enable our writers to communicate their ideas, we must build a good foundation of writing skills. While all aspects of writing are securely embedded within our in high-quality text based Learning Journeys, we recognise the need for inclusion of discrete teaching and monitoring of Handwriting, Spelling and Grammar. In Reception Year and Year 1 children develop their knowledge of spelling through Read Write Inc. for writing lessons. As children progress through year 2 and onto Key Stage 2, spelling and Grammar lessons are supported by the school’s subscription to the Rising Stars schemes of work. Spelling and Grammar is rigorously monitored to ensure high quality teaching for progress and as a school we have clear guidelines to ensure high expectation or children’s spelling is reflected across the curriculum. Handwriting is taught through the PenPals scheme of work and ensures children have fluent, legible handwriting that is fit for purpose. We encourage motivation and pride in presentation through our Handwriting rewards system where children progress to become a Master Scribe, presented with a special handwriting pen.


At Wellow we have developed a rich, progressive and inspiring English Writing Curriculum where children study a broad range of fiction and non-fiction including media clips, heritage texts, novels, picture books, articles, short stories and poetry. Each high-quality text is carefully chosen to provide excellent and engaging examples of the grammar and composition objectives set out in the National Curriculum for each year group. It also provides the opportunity for children to draw on the language and literary devices authors use to communicate their information, ideas and feelings to use in their own writing.

In English lessons, children are taught to write for the reader and each Writing Learning Journey identifies a clear purpose, audience and viewpoint for the writing they create. Through the context of the book, children learn to plan their writing and develop their ideas through talk for writing and drama activities. They build a breadth of knowledge of different writing styles to draw upon when writing for different purposes. They develop increasing stamina for writing and learn to use language for effect with growing skill and control. They learn to edit their own and other’s writing for accuracy and effectiveness with increasing independence. Progress of writing is carefully monitored against national standards through independent pieces of writing undertaken throughout each unit of work. These engaging writing opportunities build a picture of children’s developing mastery of the writing objectives taught in each year group and ensures lots of opportunities for children to be creative and enjoy the art of writing.


Our English Leader has worked closely with the English Team at the Hampshire Inspection & Advisory Service to develop an English curriculum which promotes our belief that every child has the opportunity to love books, love reading, love writing and to let them experience all the doors learning in English opens.


"You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write."
--Annie Proulx

Teaching safeguarding through English

At Wellow, through our curriculum we support children to…

  • reflect on human activity through social stories and stories with morals
  • write about real life scenarios in an appropriate way
  • be able to voice an opinion in a coherent and confidential way
  • express opinions and views with respect whilst appreciating that others may have different ideas and perceptions
  • engage in formal debate, listen to others and respond critically with care and sensitivity
  • use characters to relate to real life and people/personality traits and help to step into someone else’s shoes