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Today, we will be recapping the Set 1 Sound 'ng' & 'nk'.

-Show your child the sounds 'ng' & 'nk'. Instruct them, My Turn, Your Turn, say the sound and then ask them to say the sound back to you. What is special about this sound?

-Ask them to air write the sound. Can they remember where they start? As they begin, ask them to remember the 'pinchy' or tripod grip and to recount the letter formation rhyme has they write; A thing on a string and I think I stink.

-Give your child a piece of paper or download the following worksheet

Can they write the sound out correctly?

-Tell you child some CVC or simple words containing the sound. Can they use their Fred Fingers and blend the sounds together to say the following words? thing, ping, wing, sing, think, wink, pink, blink. Can they think of any other words with today's sound?


-Watch Alphablocks:



Use White Rose Home Learning Alive in 5, Week 1 Sessions 5.

Allow your child to watch the video and join in with the activities.


Other Work

Let's take a virtual trip to London! Can you spot some of the famous landmarks? What are the similarities or differences between London and Wellow?


Please practice writing your name. Maybe you could use different coloured pencils and do some rainbow writing? For those that are confident, maybe they could start to practice to recognise and write their surnames as well.


Virtual Show & Tell

Watch our class virtual show and tell on Tapestry!