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Half-Term Activities


-Continue to recap Set 1 Sounds. Parent guide to Read Write Inc. Phonics | Oxford Owl 

-Picnic on Pluto ( Choose from the Phase 2 sets. Can your child blend the sounds to form the word? Is it a real word or a nonsense word?

-Watch episodes of Alphablocks. Continue to use opportunities to blend sounds to make words.



Look at the following picture...

What do you notice about the beads? What is the pattern? Can you describe the pattern? What bead will Alex use next? Encourage your child to verbalise the pattern aloud i.e. circle, square, circle... (we are yet to cover 3D shape!) Are there any other patterns?


Can you make your own repeating patterns? What could you use?


Here is my pattern.

Is it right? Can you spot my mistake? How could I fix it? You could recreate the pattern using some items from your house and complete the pattern.