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Home Learning during school closure

Welcome to our Home Learning page. Here, you can access the work which has been set for each day. Whilst we know that you will have your own ways of organising your days and routines at home, we also want to offer support and guidance with activities and ideas to help you and your children. 

We recommend that a structure to the day, building habits and routines, would be beneficial to children and families in creating a sense of security and normality. Please do not compare what you are doing to others, as it will be a different experience for all. 

With this in mind, we have provided some home learning suggestions on this page. Home learning will be updated at least once per week. 

There is no need to print most of the activities as answers and responses can be written straight into the books given or on any paper, if you do not have the book at hand (we are looking at ways of getting exercise book packs to the children who were away on Friday). If the suggested activities are too difficult for your child, you could always look at suggested learning for a lower year group to provide consolidation. Please do not expect your child’s teacher to provide personal feedback to individual tasks. 

With the potential increase in online activities, we request that you also please make the time to discuss online safety with your child,

Activities are not compulsory. They are intended to provide support and direction. They can be used at your discretion.  If there is more offered than you feel there is time for then select what is done.

Please enjoy these activities and suggestions in the manner in which they are intended.

Please remember that in addition to this, there is a wealth of advice and information available for you. We have been told that the Department for Education is working with the BBC to support this further. 

Don’t forget the massive range of simple but rich and important learning experiences that you can enjoy with your children which include:

Cooking                                            Den Building (indoors and out)

Sewing                                             Wildlife surveys

Gardening                                         Board games

Card games                                       Dominoes

Art and craft activities                      Home made obstacle courses

Quiz making                                     Treasure hunts

Drawing                                            Singing and learning songs

Junk modelling                               





There will be an English task uploaded under each day's page. There will be instructions and, where appropriate, an example. If this is a longer piece of writing, there may be a 'What a Good One Looks Like' to give you a model of the work. This will be a re-cap of what we have done before in class. 




I will post a Maths task each day also. This could be in the form of an investigation, a re-cap of previously taught work or something from our class resources. Everything posted will be work which has been taught in class in Year 6. 




Please continue to read as much as possible each day. The expected reading time for a Year 6 is 45 - 60 minutes per day. I expect most of you will be reading a lot more than this. 

Talk to your family about the books, read with them as well. Remember, read a variety of fiction and non-fiction where possible. 




I will post the week's spellings on a Monday. Practise these 5 times a week like you normally would, a parent can test you in your Home Learning book on Friday.  On Monday, I will also provide some additional spelling activities for you to practise throughout the week. 


Other Work


We will also post some project ideas which can be done at your own pace and can be completed in small chunks.   This will likely be linked to a topic we have done, it might involve some creative thinking, research, art or anything else we might do in school.

You can complete this work in your Home Learning Books.