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World Book Day!

Thursday 7th March 2019


This year the theme has been 'Share a story.'


As a school we shared many stories in a range of ways.


Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 came together to listen to a musical story in the hall.


We watched and listened to 'Peter and the Wolf' by Prokofiev. This piece of music was written specifically to teach children about orchestral instruments.


The children really enjoyed it!

Ask your child what the flute or French horn's represented.


Lucky Year 2 are learning to play the recorder!

Mrs Rafferty is teaching her class to play the recorder.

Come and have a listen!

Recorder Lessons in Year 2

Hampshire Music Services Concert


We hope your childern came home very enthusiastic about musical instruments on Wednesday 19th December?


The whole school had a real treat because the very talented Miss Schwarz from Hampshire Music Service performed and talked to them for an hour.


Miss Schwarz started by playing a bottle! Then demonstrated how to make various pitches of note by cutting holes in the bottle and blowing. She also performed on a range of woodwind instruments including the flute and the clarinet.


If your child is inspired to take up a musical instrument, please speak to Mrs Sherrington or the Office Staff.





12 days of Christmas!

We had a rehearsal today for our annual Christmas Sing-Song.

Mrs Boakes is coming back to play the piano for us next Friday.

We all love this song - the older children take the various parts (with comedy actions!) and the rest of us sing along loudly!

On the 7th day of Christmas.......

Collaboration Carol Concert Romsey Abbey

Wednesday 5th December 2018


Congratulations to all the singers from Wellow who joined the collaboration choir for a wonderful evening of singing and celebration in Romsey Abbey last week.


Our choir have been practising hard to sing a range of tricky songs.


We enjoyed listening to you - you sounded amazing!


Well done also to the Staff Choir - teachers, TAs and other staff have been rehearsing to sing for you all.

Tuesday 11th December

Mountbatten Lantern Theatre - 4.30pm

Training Orchestra Christmas carols



Well done to those dedicated and talented musicans who performed for us earlier this week! We enjoyed singing along with your carols.


The Training Orchestra is run by Mr Marchant at Mountbatten School. Children from local Primary schools can attend. If you have been learning you instrument for over a year, come and see me or contact Mr Marchant directly.


The Orchestra rehearse weekly on Tuesdays after school.


Melanie Sherrington - Year 1

Rock Steady Concert

Friday 7th December 2.30


WOW Rocksteady - you are fabulous!

We had a real treat last Friday when Luke and the Rocksteady Bands performed for the whole school and parents on the stage in the hall.

You are so confident performing in front of a crowd - well done!


If you would like to join Rock Steady, contact the school office.



Rock Steady Dec 2018