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Music is of great importance at Wellow School.

  1. We provide opportunities and encourage pupils to contribute, participate and have the opportunity to progress to the next level of musical excellence.
  2. Our music curriculum is inclusive and supportive, enabling pupils with different backgrounds and needs to participate fully.
  3. Wellow provides quality class music lessons, peripatetic individual and group lessons, Rock Steady private band lessons.
  4. All children are given opportunities and encouraged to perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods.
  5. Children throughout the school are taught to enjoy singing, to create and compose music on their own and with others.


Classes are taught music in blocks or a series of lessons according to each specific class and their curriculum. Planning documents provide a range of activities and suggested tools with which to address the learning objectives. These ensure that pupils with a range of learning styles and strengths can be catered for. It is the role of class teachers, who know their own pupils, to select and prioritise from these. Most Units of planning are written by specialists at Southampton Music Services and are adapted by class teachers for their classes.

All planned units of work and lessons promote confidence building and group work. Lessons are inclusive and children of all abilities are able to fully participate. Music is one of the few areas where a child with SEND may outshine their peers and this is very valuable for PSHE development.
Music is multi cultural and an excellent way to develop children’s knowledge of the world and its many cultures. Different styles and types of music are taught and children learn about people and places.
Music is an integral part of daily life at Wellow. Its positive effects upon the well-being of Pupils is both recognised and celebrated.



At Wellow the following activities are timetabled:

  • Planned music lessons for all classes adapted by the teachers to suit the needs of their class and curriculum.
  • High quality singing assemblies weekly. Range of piano accompaniment and more unusual song choices from around the world.
  • Range of quality music used for other assemblies and listened to for enjoyment.
  • Visiting musicians for concerts to showcase instrumental skills and inspire the children.
  • KS1 Christmas Performance involving songs, dancing and music.
  • Year 2 weekly recorder sessions in class. (Spring and Summer Term).
  • Individual woodwind, brass, guitar and violin external teachers in school. See office for details of how to apply for lessons.
  • Where appropriate, children in receipt of Pupil Premium children receive free peripatetic music lessons and instruments.
  • Collaboration Orchestra - Tuesday 4 – 4.45pm at Mountbatten school – collaboration of local schools, led by specialists at Mountbatten. School staff and Mountbatten pupils play alongside the children & perform several concerts a year.
  • In previous years, Rock Challenge –an  amazing opportunity for KS2 to work together and perform in front of a public audience at a high level. Wellow has an outstanding record of achievement in this area.
  • Whole School trips to local church to sing songs with links to RE; Christmas Carols and Easter songs sung with the church organ.
  • Rock Steady – children’s club in which the children make a band with their peers and are taught how to play an instrument within a band. See office for prices and application.
  • Use of the BBC’s 10 Pieces for children to listen to and watch quality and inspiring musical performances with accompanying lessons



Music provides an excellent opportunity for Wellow School to contribute to the wider community;

    • Choir and Orchestra perform in Romsey Abbey – Collaboration Christmas Concert.
    • Recorder group performances in assemblies and for parents.
    • Performances for whole school assemblies, guitars, individual instrumentalists, choir and other groups.
    • Orchestra rehearsals weekly – Collaboration Schools.
    • Christmas Performance KS1 to parents.
    • Church Services at Easter and Christmas.
    • Rock Steady performances once a term for peers and parents.
    • Musical parents invited to showcase their instruments and provide quality live performances for the school.


The many performances at Wellow School encourage our pupils to contribute and participate in groups and as individuals to raise self-esteem and confidence. The performances also raise the profile of music and encourage new members to join our groups.

Teaching safeguarding through music

At Wellow, through our curriculum we support children to…

  • develop a cultural awareness
  • accepting and respecting different preferences in music
  • recognise that music can generate emotions in selves and others
  • be a respectful audience for example at rocksteady concerts i.e. not chanting one name and why
  • give and receiving constructive criticism
  • share instruments and taking turns
  • understand that some people are more sensitive to sound than others

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