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At Wellow, we believe that reading and writing skills form the foundations for much of the learning we do throughout the school.
In KS1 the children follow the Read Write Inc. Phonics program, which teaches them to recognise sounds and to blend them together in order to read new words. Through using their 'Fred fingers' children are also taught to segment (break up) the words into sounds when they are trying to spell.
Some tricky words (known as 'red words') like 'they' and 'were' cannot be broken up into individual sounds and so through Read Write Inc. children are gradually introduced to these words and given regular chances to practise reading them. Read Write Inc. is taught at least three times a week in KS1, and if there is need for continued phonics support in KS2 then this takes place.
In Reception, Read Write Inc. is taught separately and in Years One and Two the children work in ability groups, based on the sounds they already know and remember. Each week the children will read a book from the program, which only contains the sounds that they have already been taught during the Read Write Inc. sessions (and some red words which are taught before the book is read). The aim is to increase children's confidence and enjoyment in reading, inspiring them to continue to practise reading outside of our Read Write Inc. sessions. In Read Write Inc. there are also plenty of opportunities to practise writing:
'Hold a sentence' - where children are told a sentence to remember and spell.
Editing - where children look out for deliberate spelling and punctuation errors in a passage related to the book they are reading.
Composition opportunities - where children write their own pieces linked to the book they are reading. Here the children have the opportunity to write what story characters might say, write instructions, design their own poems, make notes on something they have read, and practise many other forms of writing that they will then use in our class English lessons.