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Wellow School House Groups

At Wellow, every child and every member of staff (except Mrs Larcombe ) belongs to one of four Houses – Badgers (Green), Foxes (Yellow), Moles (Blue) or Hares (Red). Each House Group is named after an animal whose habitat is found in our school grounds.


Belonging to a House is a very important aspect of being part of our school. Each House is led by a House Captain and member of staff. Each year, every house elects two year six captains who lead their house in school sports and competitions


House and Vice House Captains are also responsible for collecting and distributing house points, showing visitors around the school and acting as ambassadors.

School Council

Two children are elected by their classes each year to represent their class at fortnightly School Council meetings. The children take part in a range of opportunities to improve their school and raises issues and ideas

Peer Mentors

The role of our peer mentors is to support children who need a ‘friend’ or someone to talk to, and to encourage good social interaction during break-times.


They initiate playground games with the younger children and help to resolve differences that arise without the need for adult intervention, modelling the skills they have learned in their training. Peer mentors can volunteer for this role when they reach year six; they meet together to learn and develop skills in listening and communication, mediation, and negotiation, all important aspects of their role. Peer mentors provide positive role models for other children and studies have shown that their presence fosters improved behaviour and reduces incidences of bullying

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO)

A small number of KS2 pupils are elected and trained by Hampshire County Council to become Junior Road safety Officers. They undertake special duties such as leading assemblies and promoting road safety awareness amongst their peers such as posters and mascot designs.


Bronze Sports Ambassadors

Two Year 6 pupils have been elected by their teachers to be trained Sports Leaders who promote physical activity and arrange sports competitions in school


‘Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. They are typically courteous and thoughtful. Pupils are enthusiastic learners. They feel safe and place great trust in staff.’

Ofsted 2012