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Welcome to Woodlands Class


December - An Act of Kindness


Woodlands Class have had a fantastic first term. As well as learning their first phonic sounds and the foundations of maths, the children have been learning to work collaboratively, show kindness and build resilience. Recently they have enjoyed opening a Kindness Advent Calendar and linking to our ‘Superheroes’ topic, produced a card to say Thank You to some of our unsung heroes in school; the Kitchen Staff.

Well done Team Woodlands.

October - Autumn Checklist


Woodlands Class have been showing curiosity about the environment around us. They have been learning to understand the seasons; looking closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change.


The class thoroughly enjoyed an Autumn Hunt, where they completed a checklist of all the things we found on the School Field and in the Glade. 


September - Hand Hygiene 


Today, Woodlands Class were visited by our School Nurse team.

The children had a very important mission, to become Germ Busters!


The team spoke about why it was important and when to wash our hands, as well as showing the children how germs spread from coughs and sneezes and even by just handling toys.


The children then then watched a video called Wash Your Hands


As a few of us are already suffering with coughs and colds, let’s hope we can bust those germs!



We hope that you have had a fantastic summer break and are excited to start school on Monday. 


We really enjoyed coming to see you at your homes last week, and thank you for making us feel so welcome. We have completed the finishing touches to the classroom and are very excited to welcoming you to Woodlands Class. 



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