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Residential Visits

School Visits

In order to bring learning to life, a variety of visits to places of interest (often linked to learning projects) are planned throughout the school year. These may be in the local vicinity, such as to St Margaret’s Church where Florence Nightingale is buried, or further afield, for example, Beaulieu Motor Museum or Milestones museum in Basingstoke. In order to cover the entrance fees and coach costs, voluntary contributions are requested from parents/carers.


Residential Visits

Starting in Year 2 with an overnight stay, under canvas on the field, we offer an annual residential visit for all our children.



Year 2 children stay overnight on the school field during the summer term

Year 3 children enjoyed a one night visit to Calshot

Year 4 stay for 2 nights at Minstead in the New Forest where their stay has an environmental theme.

Year 5 visit Fairthorne Manor, a YMCA centre, where they undertake a number of adventurous activities.