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Key Stage 2 Tag Rugby 🏉 



Before half term, two teams of children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in the Tag Rugby Festival at Mountbatten School. The children played superbly on such a wet afternoon, putting their skills together to dodge opponents and score tries. 


The game of tag rugby is a non-contact version of the game, whilst maintaining many of the skills involved, including only passing the ball backwards and using speed and agility to avoid opponents who are trying to pull a tag from their belt. When the tag is pulled from a child holding the ball, they must pass/ throw the ball. 


Due to England Rugby’s decision for primary school rugby to be more inclusive and therefore non-scoring, there were no winning teams at the end of the afternoon. However, our teams did incredibly well, improving their skill and teamwork as the afternoon progressed. Well done to all of you! 


Bronze Sports Ambassadors


Our Bronze Sports Ambassadors this year are Elsa, Millie, Oscar and Tom. They have already been busy, working with Mrs Bennett to plan, prepare and promote sporting opportunities for the rest of the school.


In early October, they went to Mountbatten School for a day of training with the sports ambassadors from other local schools. They came back bubbling with great ideas! They will start by creating a School Sport Crew, involving additional children, taking on roles including media and photography. Watch this space for some of their reports and photos! 


The sports ambassadors have already worked alongside last year’s sports ambassadors in the Summer term to plan and run a very successful Wellow Pre-school sports day. 


Year 3 and 4 New Age Kurling



Well done to to the 6 children from years 3 and 4 who took part in the New Age Kurling Festival at Mountbatten School. New age kurling is similar to the more traditional sport played on ice.  The children rolled their stones towards a target, trying to get as close to it as possible to the centre, to score maximum points and beat their opponents. All the children did a fantastic job, working well as a team. The boys team were particularly successful, achieving 2nd place. Well done to both teams!

Gold Sports Mark


We have achieved the Gold Sports Mark this year which is awarded to schools who meet criteria around all aspects of sport and physical activity in KS2. This has included our extensive competition programme, both within school and against other schools, our curriculum PE, clubs, active playtimes,  Golden Mile and taster sessions provided though our club links.

Overall Results for 2018-2019


We are very proud that Wellow School, along with Awbridge and Halterworth Schools took the top 3 places in the overall Romsey schools competition programme this year. Wellow came a fantastic second place overall out of the 9 schools taking part!

Year 1 and 2 Dance Festival


Ten children from Year 1 and 2 took part in the dance festival at Mountbatten School this week. They learnt a dance on a ‘toys’ theme and then worked together to create their own sections of dance. The Wellow children chose to base their dance on toy dolls, robots and soldiers. They were supported by a Mountabatten School sports leader who helped them to include changes of level, direction and use canon in their dance. 


At at the end of the afternoon, the children performed in front of each other, one group at a time. They did a fantastic job of keeping in time and making sure their movements and facial expressions were strong. The Wellow children all received wristbands and the ‘best freeze frame’ award. 

Wellow Sports Day!


This year, we used a new format for sports day with the aim of making it more inclusive and active, whilst maintaining the competitive elements of the day. We had a team of sports leaders from Mountbatten School, who were brilliant at helping the day run smoothly by keeping score, giving instructions and encouraging the children.


During the morning, the children worked in house teams on events such as Hockey Slalom, Bean Bag Challenge, Vortex Throw, Team Relay and Hoop Toss. The older children in the school were such excellent team leaders, looking after and encouraging the younger children.


In the afternoon, the children rotated round 7 activities in their classes. These activities included sprints, obstacle race, shot put, archery and bowling challenge. In some activities children were competing against each other; other activities involved the children completing a personal challenge and trying to beat their own previous score.

Throughout the day, the children showed such great teamwork, determination and resilience. Well done to everyone and to the overall winners, Badgers. 


Thank you to the WSA who provided a much appreciated fruit snack for the children during the afternoon. Thank you also to the parents who kindly supplied and put up extra gazebos to create shade for the children. 





Dare to Believe Festivals


Children from Key Stage 1 and 2 have taken part in the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Dare to Believe Festivals over the last 2 weeks. These festivals aim to introduce children to a range of different sporting activities, such as trampolining, tri-golf, spooner boards and more. The emphasis is on enjoyment and increasing levels of physical activity. The children did a great job representing the school and displaying the School Games Values of determination, self-respect, passion, respect teamwork and honesty. 


Swimming Gala

Well done to our fantastic Year 3/4 swimming team who took part in the gala on 28th June. The children each swam different races, including front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke and freestyle. There were also inclusive races, where children used a float with front crawl or back stroke kick. Great swimming everyone! 

Silver medals for cricket! 



Last Frdiay, our Year 5/6 Cricket team took part in the Kwik Cricket Festival at Mountbatten School. This is an adapted version of cricket, which enables everyone to have a turn to bat and field within the allocated time. The Wellow Team played brilliantly and came 2nd overall. Fantastic result - well done all of you! 



Our gymnastics team and our Quad Kids athletics team both qualified for the Hampshire Games, after winning their tournaments at Mountbatten School. Yesterday, they travelled to Aldershot to represent the Test Valley team in the Hampshire School Games. 


The Year 3/4 gym team performed a floor routine, body management and a vault. They had worked hard to learn their routines and performed them with skill and control during the competition. Overall they came 5th and Ellie won the individual gold medal. 


The Quad Kids team took part in a 75m sprint, vortex throw, standing long jump and a 600m run. They were all so focussed and determined throughout the day, achieving some great results. Overall they came 12th out of 20 schools in the competition. 


Congratulations to to all the children who took part. 

Year 4 Netball


Well done to our fantastic netballers from Year 4 who took part in the festival at Mountbatten School last Friday . They played High 5 Netball, which is a version of the game where they swap positions every match, allowing everyone to experience shooting and defending positions. 


The whole team played really well, winning one game, losing one and drawing the others. Well done all of you. 

Hockey Taster Sessions 🏑


This week, the children from Years 1 to 6 took part in hockey taster sessions. These sessions were run by a coach from Romsey Hockey Club and gave children the chance to experience a range of hockey activities. They learnt how to control the ball with a wooden stick, send and receive the ball, as well as use their skills in fun games. 

Year 5/6 Quad Kids Athletics


Three teams of Wellow children from years 5 and 6 took part in the Quad Kids athletics festival. This involved 4 events: 600m run, 80m sprint, standing long jump and vortex throw. The children also had the chance to try out additional non-scoring activities during the afternoon, including shot putt, long jump into the sand pit and hoop throw.


All three teams were fantastic, running against the clock for their best possible times to score points. There were some huge throws in the vortex, as well as impressive standing long jump distances. 


Overall, out of the 25 teams competing, Wellow Team 3 came 18th, Team 2 came 11th and Team 1 came 1st Place. Team 1 now qualify for the Hampshire School Games on 20th June in Aldershot. Congratulations to all the children who took part! 



Year 3/4 Tennis Competition


Well done to our four fabulous tennis players, who took part in the tournament on Friday 17th May. The children played a version of the traditional game, where the courts were smaller and the scoring system simpler. The Wellow children did a brilliant job, using their skills to score points against their opponents from 6 other schools. 


Overall the Wellow team came 3rd and were delighted with their medals. Congratulations to you all! 

Year 3/4 Football Festival


On Friday 3rd May, the Wellow Year 3/4 Football team took part in the tournament at Mountbatten School. The children did a brilliant job, working well as a team. They used skillful passing and effective defensive play to their advantage, scoring 9 goals during the afternoon. 


The Wellow team played in the A league and achieved 20  points in total. This meant that they were 4th Place overall. Well done to all the brilliant footballers who took part! 

Cross country 29th April


The final inter-schools cross country competition took place on 29th April. As always, there was an excellent turn out of Wellow children, eager to run. All the children were fantastic, showing resilience and improving levels of fitness. The results were as follows:


Year 1/2 Girls: Charlotte 1st, Ivy H 9th, Olive 15th, Lilly 16th, Emily 17th, Pip 28th, Chloe 29th.

Year 1/2 Boys: Thomas 4th, Josh 5th, Oliver M 6th, Ben 22nd, Tommy 37th, Finn 44th, Miguel 57th. 

Year 3/4 Girls: Maya 4th, Alica 8th, Joey 12th, Rosie 15th, Camilla 16th, Lauren 17th.

Year 3/4 Boys: Louis 1st, Ewan 14th, Jay 27th.

Year 5/6 Girls: Millie 5th, Elsa 12th.

Year 5/6 Boys: Oscar 12th, Ollie 15th, William 17th, Kaleb 18th.


This was the final event of the season, following which the individual and team results will be calculated. To qualify for the team and individual competitions, the children and full teams of 4 children, need to have teaken part in at least 3 events. Watch this space for the final results for the 2018-2019 season. 

Year 5/6 Quicksticks Hockey Festival


Congratulations to our amazing Year 5/6 hockey team who took part in the Quicksticks Festival in April. They all played with such determination, skill and superb tactical awareness against tough competition.


Their success in their initial games of the tournament, meant that they progressed to the finals, playing against the best teams. The Wellow team continued to work well as a team and further improve through these games. The results were tight at the end of the afternoon and overall they achieved 3rd Place. Well done all of you!

Cross Country 1st April


Before the Easter holiday, children from KS1 and KS2 took part in the 4th cross country competition of the year at Mountbatten School. As the course had dried out since the last event, the children were able to run the one lap route. As always, the Wellow children worked hard to pace themselves and pass their competitors along the course. We were so proud of all the children for their achievements and for their determination and resilience. 


Here are are the results:


Year 1 & 2 Girls - Charlotte 1st Place (a superb run, finishing well ahead of 2nd Place), Ivy H 7th, Olive 8th, Lilly 12th, Emily 15th, Eva 23rd, Chloe 27th, Pip 30th. 


Year 1 & 2 Boys - Thomas 4th, Josh 5th, Ben 6th, Raf 27th, Tommy 31st, Hugh 47th, Theo 52nd, Miguel 54th. 


Year 3 & 4 Girls - Maya 6th, Alica 8th, Rosie 9th, Joey 12th, Camila 19th. 


Year 3 & 4 Boys - Louie B 1st Place ( a confident run with a strong lead).


Year 5 & 6 Girls - Millie 3rd, Lily 8th, Elsa 10th. 


Year 5 & 6 Boys - Oscar 12th, William 16th, Ollie 18th, Charlie P 19th, Kaleb 21st. 


Well done all of you! 








Year 5 & 6 Netball Competitions


Well done to all the Year 5 and 6 netballers who took part in the league matches and tournament during the Spring term. They played brilliantly against tough competition and improved their skills and tactical play as the matches progressed. 



Ten children from Years 1 and 2 took part in the cricket festival at Mountbatten School last Friday. This event was organised by Hampshire Cricket and gave the children the opportunity to practise a variety of cricket skills. As the Cricket World Cup is being hosted in the UK this year, the children attended wearing themed accessories for one of the competing countries: Bangladesh. 


The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and were excellent representatives of Wellow School. Well done all of you! 



The Hampshire Schools’ Cross Country Championships took place on a very windy Thursday morning at Down Grange in Basingstoke. Millie and Lily from Year 5 were selected by the School Games Organiser, having taken part in the regular cross country events at Mountbatten, to represent Test Valley at this selection only event. Around 100 children from across Hampshire in Years 5 & 6 took part in the 2k race in what was a very muddy course! Both girls’ did extremely well and gave it their best effort. Well done!


Cross Country February 2019


On the Monday before half term, 29 children from across KS1 and KS2 took part in a muddy cross-country competition at Mountbatten School. Due to the muddy conditions, the children ran laps of the 400m track. Being soft underfoot, made the run that little bit tougher but all our children did themselves proud, giving their very best effort whilst being cheered on by their teammates. There were some fantastic achievements, both individually and as a team. You are all supers stars!



Year 1 & 2 Girls - Charlotte 1st Place, Emily 4th, Ivy 5th, Lilly 8th, Olive 10th, Immie-Rose 18th, Chloe 27th, Pip 29th and Florence 30th. 

Year 1 & 2 Boys - Ben 12th, Raf 17th, Tommy 24th, Miguel 44th and Jacob 49th. 

Year 3 & 4 Girls - Joey 4th, Maya 7th, Rosie 8th and Alica 9th. 

Year 3 & 4 Boys - Ewan 19th, Joel 27th and Ollie 29th. 

Year 5 & 6 Girls - Millie 3rd, Lily 4th and Esla 8th.

Year 5 & 6 Boys - Oscar 14th, Kaleb 15th, William 16th, Ollie 17th and Charlie P 19th. 


Congratulations to everyone who took part and represented the school! All your scores (for teams of 4 or more) go towards the final team results at the end of the year. To be included in the individual competition, children need to take part in at least 3 of the 5 races over the course of the year. The last 2 races will be on Monday 1st April and Monday 29th April. 


Key Stage 1 Multi-Skills Festival


Last Friday, twelve children from Years 1 and 2 took part in the Multi-Skills Festival at Mountbatten School. The children had a fun afternoon, using their ball skills, agility, speed, balance and coordination to compete in a variety of activities. They all worked well as a team, encouraging each other and always trying their best. Overall the team came 4th - well done all of you! 



Year 5/6 Football League


Well done to our fantastic football team who have been playing in the Romsey Schools League over the last 3 weeks. They have been competing against teams from other Romsey Schiools at Mountbatten on Monday evenings. All of the children have worked as a strong team, demonstrating their superb ball control, excellent defence and carefully set up striking opportunities. So far, they have won or drawn most of their matches. 


We we wish the team well for their final matches next week! 


Basketball 3rd Place! 🏀


The Wellow basketball team, consisting of 10 children, took part in the Romsey School’s Festival at Mountbatten last week. All the children played well, dribbling skillfully  around opponents, shooting baskets and quickly transferring into defensive positions when needed. 


After an afternoon of fast-paced, closely scored games, the Wellow Team came 3rd in the Plate competition and received well deserved bronze medals. Congratulations all of you! 




Gym Club Display


Parents very much enjoyed the fantastic gymnastics display performed by the children who attend Mrs Batchelor's gym club. The children wowed and impressed with their superbly executed routines performed to music, including balances and dance. A huge well done to all of you!







Last Friday, 24 children from Key Stage 2 competed in the Romsey schools indoor athletics festival. All the children did a throw or speed bounce, a jump and running activity, as well as a relay. The throws included chest throw and target throw, whilst the jumps included standing long jump, triple jump and vertical jump.


The second part of the afternoon consisted of the running races, where the children ran either 1, 2 or 3 lap races, followed by the relays.


All the Wellow team have a huge effort in all their events. Overall Wellow came 4th – well done to all of you!




All of the Year 2 class took part in the gym festival at Starlight Gym in Romsey. The children worked around different activity stations, including trampolining, vault, beam, trampette, parallel bars, rings, air-track, ropes and floor routines. They were able to use all the equipment and taught how to improve and develop their skills, both individually and working in pairs.


Well done to all the children for your enthusiasm and hard work during the morning. It was lovely to see you enjoying practising and performing your new skills.







Well done to our excellent Tag Rugby teams who took part in the Romsey schools festival. Both the year 5/6 and 3/4 teams played well, scoring several tries and defending by taking their opponents tags.


Although there were no overall winners announced, all the children deserve praise for their determination, skill and great sportsmanship, working well together as a team.





In November, 24 children from Key Stage 2 took part in the Romsey Schools Gymnastics Festival. They all completed an individual floor routine, body management routine and vault during the afternoon. Everybody executed their routines with excellent control and skill.


The children’s hard work practising over the last few weeks really paid off. The Year 5/6 team achieved a fantastic third place and the Year 3/4 team were awarded 1st place! 


The Year 3/4 team have now qualified for the Hampshire Youth Games which takes place in the Summer term. The combined scores placed Wellow School as overall winners of the competition! Congratulations to all of you!







Well done to our brilliant girls football team who took part in the Romsey Schools tournament just before half term. They played on full sized pitches, which meant a huge amount of running, showing just how fit they all are!


The girls played superbly all afternoon, winning or drawing nearly all of their games. The team worked well together, with the girls in forward, midfield or defence positions. There were excellent displays of skill and speed, enabling goals to be scored. Our team were also excellent in defence with skillful saves from our amazing goal keeper.


The team were excited to be awarded well deserved medals for coming 3rd overall. Congratulations all of you!





Congratulations to our fantastic New Age Kurling Team who took part in the Romsey schools competition. Corin, Corey and Joel from Year 3 and Isla, Camilla and Lucy from Year 4 represented Wellow School, forming a boys team and a girls team.


New Age Kurling is an ‘ice-free’ version of Kurling and involves the children rolling their stones towards a target. The aim is to be the team with the stone closet to the target and requires a lot of skill and concentration; this is something our Wellow team had in abundance!


All 6 children gave their very best effort and worked really well as a team.

Overall, the girls team came 7th and the boys team came 8th – well done! The Wellow children were also praised for their excellent behaviour, effort and sportsmanship during the afternoon.





A huge well done to all the children who took part in the first cross-country competition of the school year. Over 30 of you fantastic runners raced at Mountbatten against children from other Romsey schools.


Everyone ran brilliantly, pacing and challenging themselves – you should all be very proud of your resilience and determination!


Many children placed within the top few in their races. In the Year 1 and 2 girls race, Charlotte came an amazing 1st place with Ivy H a super 2nd! Immie-Rose came 11th, Olive 12th and Iyla 13th.


In the Year 1 and 2 boys race, Thomas came a superb 5th place with Oliver M an excellent 6th. Charlie in Year R came 7th in his first ever cross-country competition and Josh in Year 2 came 8th.


Louie B in Year 4 ran confidently, achieving 1st place. Freddie in Year 3 also paced himself well to come 10th.


Three girls from Years 3 and 4 took part: Joey who came 5th, Rosie who came 9th and Florence who came 14th. Excellent running from all of you!


Our Year 5 and 6 girls team consisted of 3 girls from Year 5: Millie, Lily and Elsa. They all ran brilliantly over a slightly longer distance than last year. Millie came 12th, Lily 16th and Elsa 19th.


Overall fantastic results and a great turnout. We do need to have at least 4 children to make up each team, so would love for more Year 6 children and Year 3/4 girls to take part.


The next competition is on Monday 15th October at Mountbatten School- we hope to see lots of you there!






Last academic year saw numerous sporting successes for Wellow in a range of team sports, gym and dance. Competitions included those within school, against other Romsey Schools and also competitions against schools from Hampshire and other counties. These included:

  • Winning the regional JRock finals
  • 1st Place for the gym team at the Hampshire Games
  • Individual 3rd Place for Millie and Tom in the gym at the Hampshire School Games
  • 1st and 3rd Place for Eve and Eleanor in the Hampshire Schools cross country
  • 10th Place for Quad kids athletics at the Hampshire Games
  • Test Valley Indoor Athletics winners
  • Hampshire Indoor Athletics 11th Place

Our children excelled themselves not only in competitions but also through their levels of participation in physical activity. All our children took part in the Golden Mile throughout the the year, which has increased levels of focus, fitness and well-being. Everyone has also taken part in our intra-school competitions such as sports day and inter-house matches for KS2.


The Romsey Schools results were testament to the effort and determination of our children. Wellow School came 2nd overall for the 2017-18 academic year! We also achieved the Gold Sports Mark! Well done to all the Wellow School  children! Thank you to all the parents who have provided transport and support for these events.