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Teaching Safeguarding through PSHE

At Wellow, through our curriculum we support children to…

  • manage friendships including how to manage social situations like playtime, conflict, difference of opinion
  • develop respect and trust through their behaviour and responses
  • resist negative pressure from peers
  • know how to keep themselves safe online and in the real world
  • regulate their own behaviour and emotional responses
  • know how to call the emergency services and the importance of doing so wisely and safely
  • recognise who are trusted adults in times of need
  • how to maintain positive emotional and physical health and hygiene
  • become supportive peers and citizens who listen to others with respect and live comfortably with difference
  • be respectful of money and recognise the value of a resource
  • know when not to share personal information and how to respect the physical space of others
  • understand how certain drugs can be dangerous and the difference with those that are prescribed but always acting with safety in this area
  • understand that sex is an activity which takes place between consenting adults which may lead to reproduction
  • recognise that families take many different forms