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Teaching safeguarding through Science

At Wellow, through our curriculum we support children to…

  • make informed choices and decisions to using given information and also through observations
  • understand that sexual behaviour can have a reproductive purpose
  • develop confidence to express and voice their own ideas
  • listen, respect and reflect on other people’s views and findings
  • understand that science should be undertaken in safe way, both practically and emotionally. Using tools and apparatus
  • that when making decisions try to change in one variable at a time, making links between ideas and learn from it
  • predict risk and make adaptations
  • value personal hygiene and recognise the importance of personal space
  • form effective and sensitive questions
  • work in diverse groups and partnerships, accepting children with specific needs
  • be aware of religious beliefs and show empathy for these
  • adopt different role within a group and challenge stereotypes
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