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Ruth Miskin (Read Write Inc) Phonics lessons will be released each day online. At the following times;

  • Speed Sounds Set 1 - from 9:30am

- 9.30am Speed Sounds, 9.45am Word Time & 10am Spelling

  • Speed Sounds Set 2 - from 10:00am

- 10am Speed Sounds & Word Time & 10.15am Spelling

Each film will be available for 24 hours via the Ruth Miskin Facebook page and on YouTube:



This week we will be recapping Counting to 9 and 10.

  • Watch the following Numberblocks video:
  • Discuss with your child what they saw in the episode. How was 10 made? How many 1s make 10? How many tens is ten? (1 ten)
  • Look at the following picture:
  • How many buttons are there? Use your tens frame to help if you need it.
  • Do the pictures show the same or different? Why? How do you know?

Spellings - Red Words 

Todays focus is: come

As we do in school, show and say the word to your child, then ask them to recall it to you.

  • Write the word three time. Can you circle your best one?
  • Encourage your child to use this word within their own sentence i.e. Will you come to my party? 
  • Ask your child to write their sentence into their Home Learning book. Can they write more than one?

Other Work

  • Can you remember listening to Goldilocks and the Three Bears? If not, remind yourself by using last weeks link.
  • How do you think Goldilocks felt after breaking the chair and eating their porridge? What would you do if you upset someone? What would you say?
  • Today, I would like you to write a letter for Goldilocks to say sorry to the Three Bears. Think very carefully at what Goldilocks might write. Maybe write some words to help you i.e. sorry, breaking. A template for the letter is below, but see if you can make your own.