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Phonics -

Each day Ruth Miskin (Read Write Inc) will be doing Phonics lessons online. Each film will be available for 24 hours via Facebook and on YouTube.

  • Speed Sounds Set 1 - 9:30am

  • Speed Sounds Set 2 - 10:00am

The lessons are available via the Ruth Miskin Facebook page or the YouTube channel below.



Using this picture, ask your child to count how many there are of each object. They could record this to practice their writing of numbers and words i.e. 3 spades.

Ask the following; How many buckets are there? How many children? How many flags in the sandcastle? How many objects are there altogether?


Parents could set up their own scenario as presented in this picture, to allow children to work with actual objects.


For deeper understanding, ask your child the following; Can every child have a bucket? Can every child have a spade? How do you know?


Spellings - Red Words

Todays focus is:

As we do in school, show and say the word to your child, then ask them to recall it to you. Encourage your child to use this word within their own sentence i.e. I went to the shop.

As an extra challenge, ask your child to record their sentence in their Home Learning book.  


Other Work

Minibeast hunt - Gardens are full of all sorts of bugs. Search under plant pots, rocks or stones and within the soil and grass. What can you find? Write a list or draw a picture of what you find. Does your mini beast have wings? How many legs? Make observations over a number of days during the week. Are there more 'beasts' on a certain day? Why? Has it rained? Is it warmer?