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Reading Comprehension



Click on the link below and follow the videos/ activities to find out what the difference is between a fact and an opinion. 

You should be able to complete all 3 activities including the work sheet at the end which I have also attached below. 



There is a video of how you could solve the problems on the link below. Just copy and paste it into a search bar like you have done before and find Summer term- wk 2- lesson 3- problem solving like you have been accessing this week.

An Italian Project


You might have noticed that when you clicked on the 'Home learning' star there was a new star that was called 'An Italian Project'. We started looking at Italy before school closed so I thought I would create a project full of different activities which you could complete over the next few weeks to learn all about Italy and finish off our topic. Go and have a look at see what kind of things it involves...