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Today, we will be recapping the Set 1 Sound 'z'.

-Show your child the sound 'z'. Instruct them, My Turn, Your Turn, say the sound and then ask them to say the sound back to you. 

-Ask them to air write the sound. Can they remember where they start? As they begin, ask them to remember the 'pinchy' or tripod grip and to recount the letter formation rhyme has they write; Zig, Zag, Zig. 

-Give your child a piece of paper or download the following worksheet

Can they write the sound out correctly?

-Tell you child some CVC or simple words containing the sound. Can they use their Fred Fingers and blend the sounds together to say the following words? Zap, Zig, Zip, Zog, Quiz, Wizz.


Continue to read the Sound Blending Books sent home with your child.



Use White Rose Home Learning Alive in 5, Week 1 Session 1.

Allow your child to watch the video and join in with the activity.


Other Work

Elmer has been travelling over Christmas. Yesterday, we found out where he went first. Show your child the following picture.

Where is Elmer? Talk about the significance of this landmark and who resides there.

Can you draw a picture of Elmer at this very famous world landmark? Can you add your own labels to the picture? i.e. door, soldiers?


Virtual Show & Tell Friday's

It would be lovely to hold a virtual show and tell with the children on Friday, in order for the children to show one of their Christmas presents to the class virtually. To do this, can you upload a short video of your child talking about their present and email it to me at

If they don't wish to do a video, feel free to send a picture with just a few of their words.

I will collate these and add them to a Tapestry post for all the children to view on Friday!