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Grey pinafore dress, skirt or trousers Grey trousers
White blouse/white logo polo shirt White shirt, white logo polo shirt
Jade sweatshirt or cardigan Jade sweatshirt
White socks Grey socks
Black shoes Black shoes
Grey fleece with logo Grey fleece with logo
Green and white check dress – any style White logo polo shirt or white shirt
Sandals or shoes (no high heels) Grey shorts or trousers


All children will a pair of trainers (preferably velcro for young children) and a drawstring bag in which to keep their kit. Football kit may be required in Key Stage 2.


For outdoor PE trainers should be worn as they offer more support and grip in slightly damp conditions. A good idea is to keep an old pair of trainers at school purely for sports lessons.

Children in Reception and Year 1 are encouraged to have a pair of wellies in school for outdoor learning. These can be stored at school.


Hair and Make-Up

Hair dying/colouring is not appropriate for school (unless there is a special reason such as a school charity event). Similarly, extreme haircuts, excessive use of hair products or motifs shaved into hair are to be avoided during school terms.

Hair bands and accessories should be plain and simple and not overly decorative.

Make-up, including nail polish, is not appropriate to be worn by pupils to school.



The only jewellery permitted in school are stud earrings and a watch. Earrings (small studs only) need to be removed for all PE activities after they have been pierced for 6 weeks or more. Where a child has newly pierced ears, tape or plasters must be provided from home for covering to take place.

All long hair (boys and girls) needs to be tied back for every PE session.



All Year 5 children take part in swimming lessons throughout the year. Girls should wear one-piece swimming costumes (no bikinis) and boys should wear swimming trunks (no baggy shorts).

Please check regularly that all items of clothing used at school are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


All school uniform, including PE and Book bags are available from Direct 4 Logos, located on Romsey Industrial Estate, or online via the Service.  You can also purchase name labels to use on all your children’s items for school from STIKINS label service.