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W.B. 24/5/21


This week, the children have been recapping the Set 2 Sounds; oy.

-Blend simple words with your child i.e. toy, joy, boy, soya, enjoy ...

-Can they remember the word? Use 'Fred in the head' and then write these words.

-Can they think of more words?


Continue to practise Red Words. We have recapped Set 1 to 6 over the last few weeks. Over the half term, use the PPTs that can be found on the bottom of the following page.


Elmer's Birthday

Can you use your phonics skills to write a birthday card to Elmer?

Can you remember your red words; to & you? 

What will you choose to draw?



This week, the children have been consolidating their learning of Adding On & Taking Away through games. Below are a couple of ideas for some fun at home! 


Play Pirate Treasure

Have some old coins and ask your child to make some number cards 1-10. Shuffle the cards and pick one. Take the corresponding amount of coins, show how many you have. Ask them to cover their eyes and then ‘steal’ some of the coins, hiding them in your hand. Can they work out how many coins they have stolen?


How many?

Count out 10 pieces of pasta. Ask how many there are. Cover the pasta, check that your child is happy there are still 10. As they watch, add 2 more pieces of pasta. Ask them to tell you how many there are now? Encourage them to count on from the given number. Model counting on 10..11..12. Now do the same, but this time, take some away. Ask them to work out how many will still be hidden? Repeat several times. 


Play Counting Choirs.

The game is about counting on and back from different staring points. Have two groups. The first group will count on, the second will count back.  You ‘conduct’ the choir by pointing to each group in turn i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6….5,4,3…. 4,5,6,7,8,9…. 8,7,6,5,4. Repeat several times.




Library Books

Children will be sent home with a library book on Thursday to enjoy over the weekend with their siblings/family. Please return this on Monday so they can be cleaned and set aside.


RWI Book Bag Books

Children will be sent home with a RWI Book Bag book that matches the one they have been reading with adults in school. Books will be sent home on Thursday and should be returned to school on Monday so they can be cleaned and set aside.


It is important that all books are read more than once (we recommend three times) so that your child can first decode, then grow fluency and comprehension. Please record all reading in your child’s diary. 


(Not all children will be sent home a book. Children are regularly assessed on their phonic knowledge and confidence in blending CVC words.)


Oxford Owls - eBooks

You can access more e-Books via the following link. Please use the Book Band option and read texts within the band your child is currently on.


Alternatively, you can log in to the website through the student portal (details sent on Tapestry)