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W.B. 30/11/20


This week, the children have been recapping our Set 1 Sounds c,k,u,b,f. 

Using your child's green My Set 1 Speed Sounds Book, please...

-Show your child the above sounds and ask them to recount the sound to you.  

-Ask your child to trace the sound with their finger, repeating it's phrase as they trace.

-Using a scrap piece of paper and a pencil, allow your child to mark make the sound either independently, or trace around one you have written for them. (This does not need to be sent to school)

-Blend simple CVC words with your child i.e. cat, kip, pup, sob, fat ...

Can they remember (Fred in the head) and then write these words?



This week, the children have been learning to find one less.

- Give your child a larger set of objects (i.e. teddies) ask them to find one less than a number.

- Place a number line 0-10 in front of your child. Can they find one less than 4? Can they find one less than another number? What do they notice happens to the numbers when finding one less? Are they getting smaller or larger?


Please upload any pictures of them doing this to their Tapestry account.




Library Books

Children will be sent home with a library book on Thursday to enjoy over the weekend with their siblings/family. Please return this on Monday so they can be cleaned and set aside.


RWI Book Bag Books

Children will be sent home with a RWI Book Bag book that matches the one they have been reading with adults in school. Books will be sent home on Monday and should be returned to school on Thursday so they can be cleaned and set aside.


(Not all children will be sent home a book. Children are regularly assessed on their phonic knowledge and confidence in blending CVC words.)