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W.B. 3/1/22


This week, the children have been recapping their Set 1 Sounds sh,ch,qu,ng & nk.

PDF downloads of the Set 1 Speed Sounds, can be found here Parent guide to Read Write Inc. Phonics | Oxford Owl 


-Show your child the above sounds and ask them to recount the sound to you.  

-Using a scrap piece of paper and a pencil, allow your child to mark make the sound either independently, or trace around one you have written for them. (This does not need to be sent to school)

-Ask your child to blend simple CVC words with you. Can they use their Fred Fingers? Can they sound ring, thing, wish, fish, ship, quiz, quit, link, think. Can they try to write these words? Can you write any others?


-Play Dragons Den ( Select Phase 3 (digraphs) & Revise all Phase 2. This could be a challenge if you have some phonic knowledge gaps!


Red Words

This week, we have been continuing to practise the second set of Red Words. These are words that we cannot sound out and must know by sight. Please use the following link to continue practising spotting the red word.



This week, the children have been learning about Zero & Numbers to 5. 

Like we have practised in class this week, ​​​​​can you complete the following activities?                      


Find your five frame & 5 pieces of Lego or Pasta. Ask your adult to tell you a number between 0&5, then represent the number in your five frame. What do you notice? How many spaces are free? Can you describe your number?  i.e. 3 is less than 5...