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W.B. 4/4/22


This week, the children have been learning the Set 2 Sounds; ar & or.

PDF downloads of the Set 2 Speed Sounds, can be found here Parent guide to Read Write Inc. Phonics | Oxford Owl



-Show your child the above sounds and words and ask them to tell you the sound.  

-Can they use Fred Talk to read the words? i.e. st_ar_t = start h_or_se = horse

-Using a scrap piece of paper and a pencil, allow your child to mark make the sound either independently, or trace around one you have written for them. (This does not need to be sent to school)

-Can they use their Fred Fingers and write some of the words above? 


Red Words

This week, we have been revisiting the first set of Red Words. These are words that we cannot sound out and must know by sight. Please use the following link to continue practising spotting the red word.


-Challenge your child to use these words within sentences i.e. I went to the shop. Can they write their sentence?



Continue to record all reading in your child's reading diary. RWI books are sent home on Monday and Grapple Books on Thursday. Each book should be read at least three times for fluency, comprehension and prosody. Your child will be reading a slightly different book in class. 



This week, the children have been learning about time and consolidating some skills from this term. As we have done in school, have a go at the activities below.


-Talk about the hands of a clock. Which is the hour hand? Which is the minute hand? Where does the hour hand need to be to show an o'clock time?

-Using pictures above, what times are shown?


Easter Holiday Activities

Over the Easter Holidays, we are asking all children to respond in a creative way to Spring. They could sketch or paint a picture perhaps, learn a spring poem to recite or write their own. They could take some photographs or make a collage. It is up to them! 


We would love to see or hear your efforts so please do upload your creative response to Spring onto Tapestry by Wednesday 27th April. 


Wishing you all a very happy Spring break.