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W.B. 5/10/20


This week, the children have been continuing to learn their Set 1 Sounds c,k,u,b,f.

Using your child's green My Set 1 Speed Sounds Book, please...

-Show your child the above sounds and ask them to recount the sound to you.  

-Ask your child to trace the sound with their finger, repeating it's phrase as they trace i.e. Curl around the caterpillar.

-Using a scrap piece of paper and a pencil, allow your child to mark make the sound either independently, or trace around one you have written for them. (This does not need to be sent to school)


* Please note, we are teaching the children to form 'k' like this …





This week, the children have been learning about Weight, Mass & Height.

Using a selection of items around the home i.e. fruit, cuddly toys, containers...

-Show an item to your child and them ask them to find a heavier item. Can they also find a lighter one?

-Spread a few items on a table or the floor, allow your child to sort the items into height order.

-Discuss some containers, which one could hold more and why?


Please upload any pictures of them doing this to their Tapestry account.