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Ruth Miskin (Read Write Inc) Phonics lessons will be released each day online. At the following times;

  • Speed Sounds Set 1 - from 9:30am

- 9.30am Speed Sounds, 9.45am Word Time & 10am Spelling

  • Speed Sounds Set 2 - from 10:00am

- 10am Speed Sounds & Word Time & 10.15am Spelling

Each film will be available for 24 hours via the Ruth Miskin Facebook page and on YouTube:


  • If your child is not a confident sound spotter, encourage your child to sit for the word time and spelling lessons of both Set 1 & Set 2. (Most children should now be confident with Set 1 and will only require recapping Set 2 Sounds.) 
  • With a pen and paper at the ready, ask your child to join in and write the words. They will then tick each sound and see if they are right.
    • Suggestion: If your child isn't enjoying the video, perhaps using all the online materials as a guide, do your own lesson, read the word aloud yourself and ask them to write the word. Or ask your child to give you a lesson!
  • Phonics Play:
    • Choose the Phase 3 option and then choose from the options.
    • Suggestion: recap consonant digraphs as the children can struggle with these.


This week, we will be recapping the formation of our Curly Caterpillar letters.

This can be written into the Home Learning books, or alternatively, a print out of the letters (pages 1 to 5) can be found here:


Today we will be concentrating on letters q and e. Can you form them correctly? Can you write out the words? Remember your ascenders and descenders. Where does your letter sit on the line? Where do you start your letter?


This week, we are going to be using the materials from White Rose Maths. Each day, there is a short video to follow online with some simple activities:


  • The PDF of today's activities can be found here:

  • Challenge. Complete the following:

Spellings - Red Words 

Todays focus is: one

As we do in school, show and say the word to your child, then ask them to recall it to you. Repeat several times. Hide the word, show the word. Perhaps add in some of our previous red words?


Encourage your child to...

  • Write the word three times into your Home Learning book. Can you circle your best one?
  • Use this word within their own sentence i.e. I will be 6 one day.
  • Ask your child to write their sentence into their Home Learning book. Can they write three?

Other Work

Taken from the Oak National Academy Online Classroom:

In today's lesson, we will learn about the emotion worried. We will explore what our bodies may feel like when we are worried and develop supporting strategies. The key areas that this lesson links to are personal, social and emotional development and expressive arts and design.