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Play Shape Monsters Choose the right shape for the monster to eat. Can you talk about the shape? How many sides does it have? Is it curved or straight? How many corners? What it's name?  



A new Set 2 Sound video by Mr Evans will be released on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Wednesday's video:


-Ask your child to practice writing the sound into their Remote Learning Book. Adults write two examples into their book, they can trace over this to begin with. In class, children will write at least another 4, and we will ask them to circle their best one.

-For those that prefer a worksheet, here is today's sound (there is no expectation for these to be printed daily):


Continue to recap Set 1 Sounds using the Ruth Miskin (Read Write Inc) Phonics lessons released each day online. Each film will be available for 24 hours via the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel:


-Encourage your child to sit for the Word Time and Spelling lessons for Set 1 Sounds.

(Most children should now be confident with Set 1 Sounds)

- Have a piece of paper or their Remote Learning Book to hand, where they will try to write the words seen in the video. They will tick their work during the video.


-Continue to practice reading. New Blending Books, Ditty Books and Grapple Books will be placed on Tapestry each week. Read the story three times to allow for fluency, comprehension and prosody. Record reading in the children's Reading Diaries.   


Hampshire School Games

Complete a new challenge each day:



Use White Rose Home Learning Growing 6,7,8! Week 4 Session 3.

Allow your child to watch the video and join in with the activity.


After completing the challenge. Discuss the following picture with your child.


Spellings - Red Words

Today's focus is: they


As we would do in school, show and say the word to your child, then ask them to recall it to you. Encourage your child to use this word within their own sentence i.e. They went to the park.

As an extra challenge, ask your child to record the word in their Remote Learning Book, they could even complete a simple sentence written for them i.e. ___ like Lego.  


Virtual Meet

Join us on Google Meet at 1.30pm to look at Elmer's Souvenirs from India.

Invite will be posted on the Google Classroom Stream.


As a reminder:

1. Please make sure your child is in a shared living space, not their bedroom.

2. They will need to be dressed ready for learning.

3. Please ask them not to film or take pictures of the screen. 

4. Please turn microphone off and camera on, the teacher will ask children to turn their microphones on when appropriate.

5. We ask a parent to be present with your child at the start of the call.


Other Work

In preparation for the Big Garden Birdwatch. Can you make your own loo roll bird feeder?


What you'll need

  • A cardboard tube (a kitchen roll is perfect)
  • Two long sticks or skewers
  • Some lard or suet (or vegetable suet) or even Peanut Butter
  • Birdseed, spread out on a plate or tray
  • A piece of string



  1. Start by making four holes in one end of your cardboard tube, these must be large enough for your sticks or skewers, but not so large that the sticks slide out. Be careful of any sharp ends!
  2. Make sure the holes opposite each other line up so that you can thread your sticks through.
  3. Next, make two small holes opposite each other in the other end of your tube. Use a butter knife or spatula to cover your roll in lard or suet, vegetarian varieties are good too.
  4. Roll the tube in bird seed so that the seed sticks to the lard. Finally, carefully thread the sticks through to make a cross shape, and thread a piece of string through the two top holes. Then you’re ready to hang your feeder outside!