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Week commencing- 27/04/2020

Please ask your parents to email me with any of your work using their email addresses. I will always be happy to display it on the blog.


Mr Sheerin.

I have attached a link to the Year 5 lessons page on the BBC Bitesize website. Here, the BBC are putting out videos each day to help children with Home Learning. Please feel free to have a look, in particular looking at some of the topics including History lessons, as these could be really interesting.


On some days, I might use an activity as the English or Maths tasks, however I will still put the instructions and correct links in the PDF documents. The lessons are interactive and come with games, you can also access this on the TV by pressing the red button.

On our Year 5 Home Learning page, at the top, there is a link to Audio Book Recordings. On here, I have recorded myself reading the remaining chapters of Journey to the River Sea and I am currently recording myself reading Rooftoppers.


Please feel free to listen if you would like to and have not seen this yet. I normally post myself reading 2 chapters per day and the recordings are around 20 minutes. I will post new chapters Monday - Friday each week.


Mr Sheerin.

For detailed information, tutorials and more use this link: