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Wellow Ethos

Just as the school logo depicts the famous lamp of Florence Nightingale, whose family founded Wellow School, our vision for education echoes her lifetime’s work;


‘Lighting the Pathway to Lifelong Learning’


We aim to open the door to life long learning for your child by providing a caring, stimulating and enriching environment, where he or she can flourish. You are a crucial partner in achieving this aim as we work together to ensure the children grow up to lead safe, happy, healthy and successful lives.

In partnership with parents we aim to ensure children grow up to lead safe, happy, healthy and successful lives by providing the highest standard of education in an ethos of care, mutual respect and support, giving the opportunity for all children to attain their full potential.

Growing Learners 

In each classroom, our Growing Learners Tree highlights five areas of learning that we nurture and celebrate throughout the school, building on challenge and achievement as the children grow and develop.


Creativity: using their imagination, experimenting with ideas, trusting their own judgement, enjoying challenges to try things out.


Independence: being ready to learn, being organised, being responsible for their learning and generating their own ideas

Collaboration: helping and learning from others in a group, developing shared goals and team work.


Active Participation: listening and contributing to discussion, being motivated to ask questions, what if…, or challenge views, using their initiative.

Resilience: experimenting with ideas, knowing that it’s OK to be wrong, learning from mistakes to have another try, recognising their strengths and persisting with challenges.

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