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We have built an enthusiastic, loyal and committed team at Wellow. We appoint talented staff when the opportunity arises, to bring new skills and opportunities for our children. We support all staff to achieve outstanding outcomes and provide rich professional development opportunities to be the best they can be in their role.



Jo Cottrell is our Executive Headteacher, being responsible for the overall strategic direction and success of the school. As a National Leader in Education (NLE), Jo has been selected by the Department for Education to support and advise other leaders in their roles.

Beth Larcombe as Head of School leads and manages the school on a day to day basis. Mrs Larcombe is a very experienced leader who has worked at Wellow School since 2005.


‘The partnership between the executive headteacher and the head of teaching and learning provides the school with strong and effective leadership. The impact of their drive and vision is seen through improvements in achievement, the quality of teaching, the use made of data and the impact of pupil progress meetings.’



Executive Inclusion Leader and named SENCo

Jenny Kittley-Davies is a qualified Special Needs Coordinator who takes particular responsibility for pupils with additional educational needs. Supported by the Lead teacher for Inclusion, Mrs Chloe Hillier, she ensures that as a school we do all that we can to ensure that every child makes the best progress they can.


The Senior Admin Manager & Federation Admin Manager

Mrs Alison Tanner works across the Federation of Schools as well as Halterworth School, taking key responsibility for the financial management of all three schools. 


Mrs Tanner is assisted by Mrs Tracey Parrott who has the role of Federation Admin Manager across the two schools in our federation, sharing her time equally between both offices.


At Wellow, Mrs Tanner and Mrs Parrott are supported by a friendly and efficient team: Mrs Jackie Webber and Mrs Cary Batchelor.  Our Office Staff are committed to ensuring that the first contact you may have with our school is friendly, helpful and welcoming.

Mrs Bethan Larcombe, Head of School
Mrs J Cottrell, Executive Headteacher

Wellow Administration Team

Mrs Alison Tanner, Senior Admin Manager
Mrs Tracey Parrott, Federation Admin Manager
Mrs Jackie Webber, Senior Admin Assistant
Mrs Cary Batchelor, Admin Assistant

Class Teachers and Support Staff

Mr Christopher Evans, Foundation Stage Teacher
Miss Claire Downs, Foundation Stage LSA
Mrs Sarah Bodman, Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Fiona Skinner, LSA
Mrs Tanya Rafferty, Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Lisa Lewis, LSA
Miss Naomi Hancock, Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Oonagh Fenemore, LSA
Miss Georgina Finlay, Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Jo Annells.     LSA
Mr Daniel Sheerin, Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Karen Clarke, LSA
Miss Helen Armstrong, Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Diana Hall,  LSA
Mrs Louise Kirby, LSA
Mrs Lyndsay Bennett,  PE and Sport Co-ordinator
Mrs Chloe Hillier, Leading Teacher for Inclusion
Mrs Jenny Kittley-Davies, Inclusion Manager
Mrs Charlotte Williams, LSA
Mr Richard Smith,  Cook Supervisor

School Direct Student Teachers