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Why Choose Wellow?

Surrounded by fields in between the two main settlements of West and East Wellow, Wellow Primary School is literally the centre of the village community and an idyllic place in which to learn. Hidden up a hundred metre driveway through a woodland glade, the entrance is reminiscent of a country hotel. At Wellow Primary School we aim to make learning as exciting and meaningful as possible, so that our pupils leave us with rich, happy memories of school life. We equip our pupils with the skills and motivation to develop their learning to the highest possible level and open the door to life long learning. With seven classes, we are a large enough school to provide variety, yet maintain the strong sense of belonging and community found in a village school. The sense of collective responsibility fostered at Wellow means that our pupils care about each other, their school and ultimately the world in which they live. Visitors to the school often comment on the calm atmosphere and our pupils’ positive attitudes to learning.



The proverb: 


I hear and I forget,


I see and I understand,


I do and I remember,


sums up how children learn. We try to make learning experiences as first hand as possible, using visits to real settings and visitors to give real life meaning to what is taught. Our school building is one of our greatest resources. Originally built with money given by Florence Nightingale’s family, the school site provides an excellent backdrop for Victorian and wartime history studies.


‘Teachers provide a range of imaginative activities that interest pupils, absorbing them in their learning. Lessons are pitched carefully to meet the needs of all pupils, providing considerable challenge for all.’




Although the web-site is comprehensive and contains lots of information, there is nothing better than seeing the school working from first-hand. If you are considering sending your child here, we urge you to make an appointment to visit during school hours to sample the positive, hard-working atmosphere and to see for yourself why Wellow School is a really good choice for your child.