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Year 1

Welcome to Year One

Welcome to our class blog. Please check back regularly to see all about the exciting learning that has been happening in class.






Week commencing 20th January 

This week the children have been busy writing postcards home about Sunny's visit to Wellow. We thought carefully about the features of a postcard and drew pictures that showed Wellow school. Watch your letterboxes over the next few days !


In science we have continued to think about weather and seasons. This week we went outside on a walk and drew weather symbols to show what the weather was like. The children then made predictions about what they thought the weather would be like tomorrow. We are going to have weekly weather monitors this term to take the temperature outside. Next week the weather monitors are Henry and Phoebe.


In maths we continued to think about subtraction and crossing the 10. We have had lots of practice showing our answer in different ways using bead strings, ten frames and number lines.

Take a look below to see some of the learning from this week. 

Week commencing 13th January

The children were very excited on Monday when a parcel from Africa arrived saying handle with care. Sunny the meerkat from our story 'Meerkat Mail' has been visiting the children in Wellow this week. He has had lots of adventures which the children have been busy writing about.


In maths this week we continued looking at umber bonds to 20 and related facts. The children have become very speedy at finding number bonds and are able to spot related number facts. At the end of the week we started to look at subtraction.


During Art with Mrs Williams this week we continued looking at primary colours and which colours are hot and cold. The children practised tinting a colour and are able to explain that by adding white to a colour will make it lighter.


Have a look at some of the photos from our learning this week!


Week commencing 6th January.

It was lovely to see all the children back in class and excited about their learning this week. The week started with the arrival of a package and a postcard from Sunny the Meerkat explaining that he will be coming to visit ! The children are very excited. In English they have been writing factual sentences about Meerkats using information books and videos.


In phonics this week we have bee re-capping phase 3 sounds and during our spelling lessons we played a game called 'Help the Horse' which involved children reading the words and then being able to spell them. This was great fun!


During our Art lesson the children found out about primary colours and experimented mixing with colour to form secondary colours. The children demonstrated very good brush skills and will build on these skills over the next few weeks. 


This week the children also used the PE apparatus. Mrs Bennett showed the children how to use each piece of equipment safely. The children were practising balance and climbing skills. Mrs Bennett was very impressed with all of their PE skills and their very sensible behaviour. Take a look below to see some photos of our learning this week.

Week commencing 16th December


We would like to wish all the children and parents a very happy Christmas and enjoyable new year ! It has been a long term but the children have already shown fantastic progress in both their learning and development.

A big thank you to all the lovely cards and gifts that we received at the end of term. It was very kind of you all. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome in the first term at Wellow. Enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing you in January !


Mrs Bodman and Mrs Skinner smiley

Week commencing 9th December

What a super week we have had in year one ! The children sang and acted so fantastically during the two performances of 'Whoops-a-Daisy angel". A big thank you to all the parents who provided costumes for the children to wear. Have a look at some of the photos below.


In maths this week we have been looking at 3-D and 2-D shapes and explaining what the differences are between them. We have been using the correct names and learning to describe them to each other. Ask your child to tell you what they have learnt about shapes.


In Art this week we finished our unit of work on Andy Goldsworthy and painted some festive holly with watercolours. The finished masterpieces were very impressive !


Week commencing 2nd December.

This week the children have been very busy preparing for Christmas. We started the week creating an eco-friendly tree decorations for the school Christmas tree. The children created cork trees and painted them with their own designs. Have a look at the pictures below to see the end results. 

We also made felt tree decorations to sell at the Christmas Fayre. It was so lovely to see so many people there!


In English this week we continued to look at Where the Wild things are and the children wrote the story all by themselves. I was so impressed with the finished stories - the children have clearly enjoyed the book.


On Friday we performed "Whoops a Daisy Angel" to the whole school. The children performed fantastically and sang all the songs with such enthusiasm. We are all very excited about you seeing the show this week. 


Week commencing 25th November

The rehersals for "Whoops a Daisy angel" have been in full swing this week. The children have been doing some fantastic singing and are getting excited about performing to you all. Thank you to all those who have already sent in the costumes. 


In English this week the children have been busy using adjectives to describe the Wild things from 'Where the Wild things are'. I have been very impressed with how much all of their writing has come on in these last few weeks. Take a look below to see some of the fantastic writing the children have completed this week.


We have continued to work with bigger numbers this week and the children have become confident with saying how many 10s and 1s are in numbers. The children have been using Diene's blocks to show this.


In Art the children continued to work with different types of paints and used leaves to make autumnal prints. Have a look below to see the finished work.


Week commencing 18th November

During our Maths lessons this week we have been working with bigger numbers. We have used Numicon, bead strings and base 10 blocks to make the numbers. We have also been counting forwards and backwards from lots of different starting points. The children then moved on to thinking about how many 10s and how many 1s were in a number. We will continue to work on this next week.


In English we finished our poetry unit and the children wrote some fantastic autumn poems. Our new unit of work based upon the book "Where the Wild things are" by Maurice Sendak launched on Thursday. The children were introduced to the story and made some predictions about what might  happen. After listening to the story for the first time we made our very own Wild things !


Take a look below to have a look at some of the learning that happened this week in year one.


Week commencing 11th October

What a busy week ! This week we have started to rehearse our Christmas production of "Whoops-a-Daisy angel". Check your child's book bag to find out about costume requirements.


During science this week we continued to think about the structure of trees and used our scientific knowledge and vocabulary to create a 3-D model. I was very impressed with the finished products and how confident the children had become in using the correct terms to describe trees. Please have a look at some of the finished products below.


In Art the children selected an autumn leaf to sketch. We then learnt how to use water colours effectively to mix the colours we could see on the leaves. The children had brilliant observation skills and the end results were amazing !


In English we continued our work on poetry. We performed our favourite poem "Spaghetti" in a whole school poetry assembly and this week will finish writing our very own autumn poems.

Week commencing 4th November

This week we started our new topic "Where have the leaves gone?". In English we have been looking at poetry and focussing on the book "Out and about" by Shirley Hughes. The children have looked at some of her poems about Autumn and created giant pictures with their own ideas. We have also been on a walk around the school grounds and used our senses to think about autumn and collect ideas for our own poetry writing. As part of a whole school focus on poetry we have learnt a poem called "Spaghetti" which we will perform in assembly on Monday. Ask your child to say the poem to you !


In science we have been thinking about the structure of trees and have been practising using the science names for them. Next week we will be creating our own models of them using plasticine.


During Art this week the children were introduced to the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We looked at some of his famous pieces. The children then used their observation skills and thought about the colours needed to complete their missing leaf pictures. The results were very impressive ! Take a look at some of the pictures of our learning this week below.

Week commencing 21st October

This week we finished our topic on traditional tales by baking some gingerbread men. In English the children have been very busy writing instructions on how to make them so by Tuesday they were experts. In the morning the children followed a recipe and made the dough and in the afternoon they thought carefully about their designs and how to decorate them. I was very impressed with the finished products and loved the uniqueness of every design ! A big thank you to all the parents who came in and supported us with the bakingsmiley


We finished the week with a very spooky English session practicing our phonic sounds. Mrs Goddard cooked up a spooky potion and then we made up our own very spooky spells and performed them to the class.


Our sponsored event was finally re-scheduled this week and the children all worked hard at their sponsored events. The children who completed the sponsored read with me were superstars and read books non-stop for a whole hour ! Please send in any sponsor monies to the school office and a BIG thank you for all your support.


I would like to wish everyone a very happy half term !

Week commencing 14th October

The children have been very busy in  English this week preparing to make Gingerbread men. We have looked at different recipes and thought about the instructions. They have even been busy writing shopping lists so that we don't forget any of the ingredients. Take a look below to see some of their wonderful shopping lists.


On Wednesday afternoon the children were lucky enough to join in a Drama workshop. The children really enjoyed joining in all the activities even when a dragon came to visit!


During PE the class have continued to work on balance and gymnastics and have been working hard to use their bodies to make shapes. I have been very impressed to see how they have been working together with their partners. 


In RE we continued to think about special places. After talking about the places which were special to us we thought about churches and how and why they are special to Christians. Ask your children what they can remember about churches !


Week commencing 7th October 

Well another week has whizzed by and year one have been very busy! In maths this week we have been looking at the part-whole model and using it to partition whole numbers into small parts. We have had lots of practice and are ready to start looking at number facts and the addition symbol next week.


We had a lovely walk to church in the sun this week to celebrate Harvest Festival. The children enjoyed carrying their donations and walking through the muddy puddles in their wellies! A big thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to walk with us.


In Art this week we designed and painted some Christmas cards.....designs to be revealed soon. The children really enjoyed finger-painting and thinking about festive colours. 

Have a look at some of our learning from this week below.

Week commencing 30th September 

What another busy week we have had in year one! Our curiosity cube is filled with props from the story of the Gingerbread man and we have been looking at lots of different versions of the story. We have also watched a video about how to make Gingerbread men and thought about the words we might need for our instructions.


This week in music we listened to Jupiter by Gustav Holst and made music maps. We then looked at some percussion instruments and began to learn how to follow a conductor and listen to the timbre of the music we played. It was a very musical afternoon !


We have also been working hard on our handwriting and the children have been working hard to win the chance to use a golden pencil for the day. These are given to children who are trying very hard with their handwriting.


Finally, a big thank you to all the helpers who came in on Wednesday afternoon to help us build the houses that the children had designed. There were some very elaborate creations and despite Mrs Bodman (and her hairdryers) best efforts they would not blow down.

Week commencing 23rd September

The children arrived in school this morning to find a crime scene in the classroom! During our English lesson we looked at the evidence and made some predictions about what might have happened in the classroom overnight. After a discussion the class thought that a Gingerbread man may have escaped through a window and left his buttons behind. We looked at the story together and wrote a speech bubble about our favourite part.


In science we have continued to look at plants. On Tuesday we looked at stems, roots, petals and leaves and made a collage to help us remember the names. We have been using the science names when we have been checking our bean investigation - some are already getting very tall !


Take a look below at some of the photos from this weeks learning.

Week commencing 16th September

What a busy week we have had in year one! In English we have continued to look at the story of The three little pigs. The children were very excited to receive a letter asking them for help in catching the Big Bad Wolf and designed 'Wanted' posters to help the police catch him.


PC Smith sent the class a message to thank them for the 'Wanted posters' and asked for more help in finding out what happened. The children wrote some fantastic sentences explaining what had happened. Take a look at some of the learning this week from English.

Week commencing 9th September - Science

In science we have been using our observing skills to look closely at plants. We have been thinking about what makes a plant healthy and what a plant that is not healthy might look like. This week we are conducting an experiment and have planted bean seeds.Some of the seeds will be kept in the dark and we are very excited to see if they will grow !