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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 class page. Here you will find photos and information for our class.

Year 2 Camp


On Friday the children in year 1 and 2 enjoyed a fun-packed day full of craft activities all around a pirate theme. They made clip on parrots, designed boats, made a telescope, printed bandanas and made a treasure map complete with jewels. 

Water races helped cool the children down before they learned a pirate dance.

The children all ate their chip supper out on the field in the glorious sunshine and enjoyed a pirate treasure hunt in time for year 1 to go home.

Year 2 enjoyed setting up their tents, making sure they had their sleeping bag, teddies and torches ready for bedtime. They enjoyed a brilliant movie before the fun of brushing your teeth with friends and getting ready for bed. 

The children eventually all settled down for a peaceful nights sleep and woke bright and early for breakfast the next morning.

The children were amazing, so kind and helpful to each other. It was such a wonderful experience for them all!

Thank you so much to all the parents who helped, we really couldn't have done it without all of your great tent building skills!

A big thank you too to all the staff who helped cook the food, made the crafts, sang and played with the children and especially those who gave up their Friday night to camp out.

What a brilliant year 2 camp!


Year 2 camp

Year 2 camp 1
Year 2 camp 2
Year 2 camp 3
Year 2 camp 4
Year 2 camp 5
Year 2 camp 6
Year 2 camp 7
Year 2 camp 8
Year 2 camp 9
Year 2 camp 10
Year 2 camp 11
Year 2 camp 12
Year 2 camp 13
Year 2 camp 14
Year 2 camp 15
Year 2 camp 16
Year 2 camp 17
Year 2 camp 18
Year 2 camp 19
Year 2 camp 20
Year 2 camp 21
Year 2 camp 22
Year 2 camp 23
Year 2 camp 24
Year 2 camp 25
Year 2 camp 26

Lepe Beach 


Wow what an amazing day! The children found crabs, shrimp, sea snails and a whole host of sea creatures in a seashore safari. From a coastal habitat to a grassy woodland habitat where the children  collected mini-beasts before hunting for giant bugs in  a woodland clearing. The sensory garden was a beautiful, calm break before swinging, sliding, climbing and playing at the play park. The children then loved being back by the sea to create some fantastic beach art.

Thank you to the Lepe Beach rangers for their expertise and enthusiasm and a massive thank you to all of the parents who braved a blustery but dry day to support the children in this fantastic educational visit.

Lepe Beach

Lepe Beach 1
Lepe Beach 2
Lepe Beach 3
Lepe Beach 4
Lepe Beach 5
Lepe Beach 6
Lepe Beach 7
Lepe Beach 8
Lepe Beach 9
Lepe Beach 10
Lepe Beach 11
Lepe Beach 12
Lepe Beach 13
Lepe Beach 14
Lepe Beach 15
Lepe Beach 16
Lepe Beach 17
Lepe Beach 18
Lepe Beach 19
Lepe Beach 20
Lepe Beach 21
Lepe Beach 22
Lepe Beach 23
Lepe Beach 24
Lepe Beach 25
Lepe Beach 26
Lepe Beach 27
Lepe Beach 28
Lepe Beach 29
Lepe Beach 30
Lepe Beach 31
Lepe Beach 32
Lepe Beach 33
Lepe Beach 34
Lepe Beach 35
Lepe Beach 36
Lepe Beach 37
Lepe Beach 38
Lepe Beach 39
Lepe Beach 40
Lepe Beach 41
Lepe Beach 42
Lepe Beach 43

Potato Challenge!


Back in the Spring, the children learnt about the different ways plants grow and were working scientifically to observe changes over time.

The children planted seed potatoes, during the frosts they protected the developing plants, they topped up the soil to encourage growth and watered them during sunny spells. Today they got to experience the fruits of their labour as each group dug up and weighed their crops.

The winning team, named Rainbow Mash, won with the greatest increase in weight, their 10g seed potato produced an impressive crop weighing in at 690g!

The children thought about reasons for the differences in weight and their observations showed that 'the larger the pot the greater the growth'. The children came up with explanations and thought that the larger pot might mean that there was more nutrition for the plant, more space and even better drainage.

Fantastic Scientific thinking Year 2, I hope you enjoy your potato supper!

Potato Challenge

Potato Challenge 1
Potato Challenge 2
Potato Challenge 3
Potato Challenge 4
Potato Challenge 5
Potato Challenge 6
Potato Challenge 7
Potato Challenge 8
Potato Challenge 9
Potato Challenge 10
Potato Challenge 11
Potato Challenge 12
Potato Challenge 13
Potato Challenge 14
Potato Challenge 15
Potato Challenge 16
Potato Challenge 17
Potato Challenge 18
Potato Challenge 19
Potato Challenge 20
Potato Challenge 21
Potato Challenge 22
Potato Challenge 23
Potato Challenge 24
Potato Challenge 25
Potato Challenge 26
Potato Challenge 27
Potato Challenge 28
Potato Challenge 29
Potato Challenge 30
Potato Challenge 31
Potato Challenge 32
Potato Challenge 33
Potato Challenge 34
Potato Challenge 35
Potato Challenge 36
Potato Challenge 37
Potato Challenge 38
Potato Challenge 39
Potato Challenge 40
Potato Challenge 41
Potato Challenge 42
Potato Challenge 43
Potato Challenge 44
Potato Challenge 45
Potato Challenge 46

Welcome back!

Welcome back! 1
Welcome back! 2
Welcome back! 3
Welcome back! 4
Welcome back! 5
Welcome back! 6
Welcome back! 7
Welcome back! 8
Welcome back! 9
Welcome back! 10
Welcome back! 11
Welcome back! 12
Welcome back! 13
Welcome back! 14
Welcome back! 15
Welcome back! 16
Welcome back! 17
Welcome back! 18
Welcome back! 19
Welcome back! 20
Welcome back! 21
The children have had a brilliant first few days back after the Easter holidays. In Maths they enjoyed understanding symmetry in patterns and shapes. They also had their first cricket coaching session.

In Science we are learning all about plants!


So far the children have created different habitats in pots to observe the changes that happen over time to the flowers planted. So far the polar one in the freezer has lost its stems and the salt water and sand coastal pot's flower is looking a little shrivelled up!


To find out about the life cycle of plants the children have planted different shaped seeds, beans and bulbs.


The children have also started their potato challenge. Which group's potato will harvest the biggest crop?


Plants! 1
Plants! 2
Plants! 3
Plants! 4
Plants! 5
Plants! 6
Plants! 7
Plants! 8
Plants! 9
Plants! 10
Plants! 11

Our illustrations

In Guided Reading the children have been building up a repertoire of poems they can recite.

They really enjoyed performing 'Rhythm of life' by Michael Rosen and identifying the onomatopoeia in 'Voices of water' by Tony Mitton.

Take a look at the beautiful illustrations children created for the Walter De La Mare poem 'Snow'. The children had to learn the meaning of some tricky words and imagery to capture the poet's ideas in their sketches. 

Building Shapes

What a brilliant way to  learn about the properties of 3d shapes!

The children collaborated to construct 3d shapes from straws and blue-tac.


Wow, what a brilliant Nativity performance!


The children in Years R, 1 & 2 have worked so  hard learning the songs, dances and words to put on two fantastic performances of 'The Not Now Nativity'. We are so proud of them  all for overcoming their nerves to put on such a confident show.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3