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Year 3

Meet The Teacher presentation - Year 3 - 2021

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Below is the Meet the teacher presentation which has been recorded by the class teacher for year 3 from September. Please watch the video to find out some key information which will be useful before your child starts year 3 in September. The presentation has also been attached below for you to look back through the information given in the video in your own time if you wish.



Week Commencing 21.6.21


Science Day!!

This week the children took part in a whole school science day where all of the children in Wellow became scientists to investigate renewable energy. In years R and 1 they looked ta solar panels and where the best location for a solar panel might be in Wellow School. In years 2-6 they looked at wind turbines and the best design for a turbine to generate the most amount of energy to wind up the basket of counters. Everyone had a great day and we were very proud of our school of scientists!!



Week commencing 24.5.21

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about monologues and how these are structured for actors to read out in a play or on the television. Focussing of the text 'A wolf's story' which tells use the traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood but from the Wolf's perspective, we have been writing out own monologues as some of the characters telling their version of the events told by the wolf in the text. The children have showed great imagination and enthusiasm for this unit which lead to them performing their final monologues in front of the class focussing on using different tones and expression to really engage their audience as the wolf. They were very convincing and I think we all believe that the wolf wasn't really as bad as he was made out to be in the original tale!





With the national census being taken we, as an academy trust,  decided to investigate the history behind the census and think about some of the things which have happened this year which people will look back and remember 100 years from now. We discussed the current pandemic and what we might choose to display in a museum to best represent the pandemic for those in the future.  We then took part in a whole academy online assembly where we shared some of the activities we took part in and our thoughts around the census. It was a great experience for all and lead the children to engage in some great discussions.




Topography maps

As part of our topic on Italy, we have been looking at the shape and land structure of Italy to identify some of it's unique geographical features. We then used clay to form our own miniature versions of Italy, building layers to show some of the different terrains which make up the country. The green represented the flat land, yellow was for the hills and the brown was to show the highest peaks of the mountains in Italy. The children looked at the maps carefully to make their representations as close to the originals as possible. Excellent work year 3!




Picasso Portraits 

As part of our art unit on Pablo Picasso, the children have been studying abstract art and cubism. Over the past few weeks they have had a go at drawing self portraits using different shapes and contrasting colours which lead to their brilliant final pieces which you can see below. Great job year 3!

Week Commencing 30.11.20

For the past two weeks the children have been working hard to design, stitch and finish a wallet for their chosen targeted audience. They have worked extremely hard and enjoyed learning how to attach different materials using basic stitches such as a running stitch.  Below are some of our finished products and we love how each one is unique to their creator. Well done year 3!

Week commencing 9.11.20

This week we remembered all those who have fought and are still fighting in wars around the world by carrying our painted poppy stones down to the local memorial statue. The children were very respectful and chose to carry out a 2 minute silence as a way of remembering even more.


Week commencing 2.11.20

This week was poetry week so we have spent the week writing and looking at different forms of poetry and preparing a poem to perform which you can see below. We have been focussing on the poem 'November' by the author Joseph Coelho which is a 'free verse poem' as it has no set structure or rhyming patterns. We have been having a go at writing our own free verse poems based on our own topic of November and I have been really impressed with the quality of the poems which the children have produced.


Great job year 3!

November by Jospeh Coelho- Performed by year 3

Still image for this video