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Year 3



In relation to our Angry Earth topic in Autumn 2 and writing our 'Escape from Pompeii' inspired stories this term we had to erupt our Brian Rochefort volcanos so that we could understand what it might be like to witness a volcanic eruption. Now we know most volcanoes don't spout pink foam but they would look a lot friendlier if they did! 

Awesome volcanic eruptions

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Volcanic eruption pt 2

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After making our volcanoes, the children painted them in the style of Brian Rochefort. Using bright colours, they painted all of the different layers to create an abstract and eye catching piece. Wouldn't you love to have one of these on your mantle piece?



Art- Brian Rochefort Volcanos 

In art, we have been looking at the artist Brian Rochefort who specialises in 3d sculptures of volcanoes which are decorated based on different places he has visited around the world. This week the children had a go at creating their own 3d volcano out of clay by molding different pieces of clay into a variety of shapes and sizes which they then layered up to make their structure. Once they are dry, they will then colour them in their own themed design before we eventually erupt them. This links to our 'Angry Earth' topic we looked at last term as well as our current English text 'Escape from Pompeii'. 


Hillier Gardens Trip 

As part of our new topic, the Romans, we visited Hillier Gardens where we took part in a range of activities from an archaeological dig, handling and identifying artefacts, creating mosaics and cooking a traditional Roman snack over an open fire. We learnt a lot about Roman life ready to investigate the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain back in school.


DT- Wallet Making 

Year 3 have been working hard to design, sew and create a wallet with a stitched applique on the top. After practising a variety of different stitches they independently cut out and stitched their designs to complete their fully functioning wallet. Great work!


Shoe Box Appeal 

Wellow School have taken part in the shoe box appeal for a few years now and enjoy learning about how they can help others by creating a shoe box filled with items a young boy or girl might enjoy in another country. Here they are with a member of the rotary club helping to pack up all of the shoe boxes the children and families of Wellow School had been kind enough to donate. Well done Wellow!

Shoe box appeal 2021


PE- Movement and Shape

In PE we have been learning some of the basic shapes we can make with our bodies (disk, star, straddle, pike). We then had a go at seeing how we could apply these to the apparatus, thinking of creative and interesting ways to move between them and form some of the different shapes.

PE- Movement and shape

Stone Henge Trip

This week we visited Stone Henge after looking at it as part of our Stone Age topic last term. Applying our learning from last term, we asked questions around why it was built and discovered how it was built by reenacting the process using different resources. We also got to see the stone up close and drew sketches of them to compare back at school. The children were surprised at the size of them and thoroughly enjoyed their first trip of year 3!


The wonders of Stone Henge 

In art we have been looking at the one of the ancient wonders of the world, Stone Henge. Inspired by the painting by John Constable we have been sketching, painting and using pastels to create our own images of Stone Henge. The children have worked hard to really capture the details which make Stone Henge so special and we are very impressed by the wonderful sketch books they have created. 

Meet The Teacher presentation - Year 3 - 2021

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Below is the Meet the teacher presentation which has been recorded by the class teacher for year 3 from September. Please watch the video to find out some key information which will be useful before your child starts year 3 in September. The presentation has also been attached below for you to look back through the information given in the video in your own time if you wish.