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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 blog!


On this blog you will be able to see some of the exciting activities the children get up to in Year 4. Along with this, you will have links to information on trips, current learning and homework. 

Friday 29th November

Friday 29th November 1 1st place in Year 4 during Maths week. Well done!

11th November 2019


Children from KS2 joined together to create beautiful poems about Remembrance day which they wrote onto their own poppy. The poppies were then added together to create a poppy chain which the children took to the remembrance memorial in Wellow. The children all enjoyed this and felt proud to have taken part.


Southampton Trip! The children had a fantastic day, they asked lots of brilliant questions during the walking tour and enjoyed the cruise around the docks.

Week 3 


This week the children put their ideas to the test and spent the afternoon investigating gases! They had four different activities set up around the room and had to work independently to experiment and justify how each experiment proves the existence of gas!


Autumn 1 KIRFs - These are designed for you to practice with your children over the course of the half term. Little and often works well.