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Year 5

Titanic Day 


The children had a fantastic day learning about life on board the Titanic. Although, Third class passengers were less than impressed with their bread and water in the dining hall when they saw the chocolate biscuits and lemonade on offer to First Class Passengers!


The costumes were brilliant and many children had researched which passenger they would be portraying for the day. 


The children were engaged and enthusiastic about all of the learning activities and now have new knowledge and understanding to use in our History Lessons.

Titanic Day

Thursday 3rd March - World Book Day 


As part of our school celebration for World Book day, Year 5 enjoyed designing and creating their own leaf. They were asked to create their own template before using different types of stitching to embellish their leaf. 

Wednesday 9th February - Sports Leader Training


Year 5 were lucky to welcome Holly Shirley (from Mountbatten) in for sports leader training. During the course of the day, the children tried numerous activities and sports to encourage them to think about different qualities a good sports leader will need - the children learnt the acronym SOCCER to represent these qualities. One game the children loved playing was human bingo, this was great in showing the children how vital communication is when it comes to leading. 


The children also learnt how to plan and lead sport activities following the acronym STEP. They were asked to think about the Space, Task, Equipment and Participants when planning their activity. 

Sports Leader training

Week commencing: 4th January 2022


Year 5 had a brilliant first week back! Over the course of the week, year 5 have finished off their jungle paintings in the style of Rousseau and begun our new history topic - Ancient Civilisations. We discussed the role of archaeologists and different skills they may need for their job. To help the children think about the skills needed, they were each given a cookie and were tasked with safely removing all of the chocolate chips! 

Tuesday 14th December: Year 5 Christmas Party 


The children in year 5 had an afternoon of fun, games and a Christmas movie! The children played a range of party games over the course of the afternoon. One of the favourite games was 'dress the snowman' which ended up with the children racing to throw the most toilet roll over their team mate within the  time limit! We also played 'poop the potato' with children running a relay race with a potato between their legs. It became trickier when they had to restart the race every time the potato was dropped! Both games ended up in fits of laughter for everyone and lots of photos to show. 


Photos to follow! 

Friday 22nd October : Science

In science this term the children have been learning about different types of forces. Today, they focused on the effect of gravity and upthrust in relation to the buoyancy of an object. To test their learning, the children were tasked with designing a paper boat before testing these to see whose boat could hold the most marbles.



Monday 18th October: SeaCity Museum

What an amazing day! The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the SeaCity museum in Southampton where we were able dive deeper into our topic of the Titanic. The children spent the first part of the morning with our tour guide exploring the museum. This gave them a really good opportunity to show our guide their prior learning whilst learning new pieces of information. 


During the morning, the children were also given the opportunity to break off into smaller activities, where they had a go at morse code, deciphering different objects and choosing who to put into a life boat. This last activity was a really nice way for the class to see just how difficult it was to make those decisions. In the photo gallery, there are pictures of the groups final choices! 

Friday 24th September: Titanic Hook Day


Wow! I was completely taken aback when I saw all everyone's brilliant costumes! It was lovely to see all of year 5 dressing up in the role of their characters. Year 5 had a brilliant day learning about the differences between the classes whilst experiencing this divide first hand! 


It was a fun day to kick off an exciting and interesting topic in class! 

Harvest Festival - Monday 20th September


Year 5 enjoyed their walk to church today in the beautiful sunlight. It was lovely to watch them walk so carefully and sensibly with their year partners, modelling all of our school behaviours and helping the children to cross the roads safely. 

Welcome to Year 5


Hello all, welcome to our blog page for Year 5. Here you will find pictures and videos of activities we have done, please keep checking regularly.

Homework will now be posted on Google Classroom and my e-mail address is in your children's reading diaries if you need to contact me.


I am looking forward to the new academic year.


Miss Finlay