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Welcome to the Awbridge and Wellow Primary Schools
Federation Web Site

Dear Visitors and Parents

On behalf of the children, staff and governors of the Awbridge and Wellow Primary School Federation I would like to thank you for your interest in our schools.

On this website you will find a brief overview of the Federation and links to each of the schools, where you can find out more about the exciting work taking place each day.

My role as Interim Executive Headteacher for the Federation is to establish highly effective working procedures for all staff that lead to exceptional outcomes for every child. My time is shared between each of the three schools, where regular visits with monitoring and development activities mean that I take a strategic overview of each school.

I work closely with the Heads of Teaching and Learning who run the school on a day to basis and will be the first point of contact for both parents and pupils. However, I welcome the opportunity to work with pupils and meet parents so that we can build strong learning communities together.

As an experienced Headteacher I am passionate about achieving the best for children. I firmly believe that all children deserve a great school, and the opportunity to be Interim Executive Headteacher and share the professional expertise of staff within Halterworth, is a privilege.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Jo Cottrell

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Awbridge Primary School  Wellow Primary School