Wellow Primary School


Year 1

English: Texts and outcomes


 Autumn Term 1


“Happily Ever After” is a thematic unit, based around fairy tales, with a key focus on literacy and drama. It is designed to enable pupils to develop a love of stories, as well as providing a vehicle for communication through creative arts work.

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  Autumn Term 2

 “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” is based around where food comes from, with a key focus on geography. It begins by looking at compass directions and locational language, before moving on to learning about continents and oceans.
Physical and human geographical features are explored, and the UK is then examined more closely. The learning then moves on to where foods come from around the world. 


'Children’s Champion' is a history-based theme, with a focus on the four competencies of courage, commitment, creativity and community, integrating the subjects of PSHE, drama, English and music. The story of Thomas Barnardo, famous for providing homes and education for poor children in Victorian Britain, is both inspiring and relevant.


 Spring 1


“Come Fly With Me! Arctic Circle” is a thematic unit based on the Arctic region and surroundings, with a key focus on geography. Pupils will learn about the location, weather and climate in the Arctic, as well as the wildlife that lives there. Inuit people, their traditions and customs, will also be studied.

Spring 2


Summer Term 1


“Unity in the Community” is a thematic unit about the area we live in, with a geography focus. We will develop our geographical skills, local knowledge and understanding through learning about our school, the features of its grounds, the surrounding area and how it has changed over time. We will also learn all about the importance of acting responsibly within both the school and the wider community.

 Summer Term 2


“Light Up the World” is a thematic unit based around the sun and other sources of light, with a science focus. Pupils will look at solar power and how to save electricity, as well as learning about sun safety and the importance of protecting both the skin and eyes. They will also learn about how shadows are formed when solid objects block light. Nocturnal animals will also be introduced in this unit.