Wellow Primary School


Year 2

English: Texts and Outcomes

 Autumn 1


“Inter-Nation Media Station” is a thematic unit all about media and broadcasting. There is a key subject focus on history, through which we will learn about early methods of communciation, leading to the invention of both the television and radio. We will develop confidence in oracy, through opportunities to work on our own broadcasts.

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Autumn Term 2

“Paddington’s Passport” is a thematic unit based around the worldwide travels of Paddington Bear, with a geography focus. We will look first at Peru, including the Amazonian rainforest (of which Peru has the second-largest portion after the Brazilian Amazon). Then, the focus is on London, reinforcing previous learning about the UK within the global context of continents and oceans.


The Wordsmith is a history-based theme, with a focus on the four competencies of courage, commitment, creativity and community, integrating the subjects of PSHE, art, English and geography. The story of Ignatius Sancho, the first black male to receive the vote in England, is both inspiring and challenging.



 Spring Term 1


 “Zero to Hero” is a history-based thematic unit about heros and heroines, both past and present. They have all overcome major challenges in life and become inspirational figures:- Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Mother Teresa, Thomas Edison and Malala Yousafzai.

 Spring Term 2


Summer Term 1



“Land Ahoy!” is a thematic unit, with a subject focus on science and geography. The science element is based around sound, speed and motion and begins by exploring how things move, linking with a pirate’s journey around the continents and ocean. The unit concludes with an introduction to sound, focusing on sources of sound and the relationship between distance and volume. Threaded through is the theme of acting responsibly, with consideration for others.

 Summer 2


“Light Up the World” is a thematic unit based around the sun and other sources of light, with a science focus. Pupils will look at solar power and how to save electricity, as well as learning about sun safety and the importance of protecting both the skin and eyes. They will also learn about how shadows are formed when solid objects block light. Nocturnal animals will also be introduced in this unit.