Wellow Primary School


Year 3

English: Texts and outcomes

 Autumn 1


“That’s All Folks!” is a thematic unit based around the history and development of animation and cartoons. We start by learning about the beginnings of animation, looking at zoetropes and flip books, before moving on to the dawn of the Disney age. Then, the process of animation is explored further, with an opportunity to exchange design ideas and create our own animated films.

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 Autumn Term 2

 “Rocky the Findosaur” is a thematic unit based around rocks and fossils, with a key focus on science. We will learn about different types of rocks, with the help of original animated dinosuar character, Rocky. This theme also takes in solids, liquids and gases through focusing on Mount Vesuvius, which is where Rocky spends his time exploring.

“Three Giant Steps ” is a thematic unit based around three contrasting locations, with a key focus on geography. We will continue to develop our sense of place in the world by studying three focus places:- Dover, France and Canada (The French Connection!). We will identify the position of all three places in the world, along with climate, capital city, time zone, population and area. We will also learn about the human and physical geography of each place.


Spring Term 1


“Come Fly With Me! Africa” is a thematic unit based around the continent of Africa, with a key focus on geography and history. Pupils will learn about the location of Africa and identify its largest countries. Alongside this geography element, they will study the Benin era. They will also learn about African culture, in particular typical African food and folk tales.

Spring Term 2

Summer Term 1


“Athens v Sparta” is a thematic unit based on Ancient Greece, with a key focus on history. Learning is centered on how the Greeks used to live, including the key aspect of mythology, especially highlighting the conflicts that characterized Ancient Greece.



Summer Term 2


“Under the Canopy” is a thematic unit, based on the rainforest with a key focus on geography and history. Pupils are commissioned to work for a fictitious organisation called ‘Roots’ in helping two adopted children find out about their Mexican / Mayan heritage and, as a result, find out more about the rainforest.