Wellow Primary School



As part of the University of Winchester Academy Trust, we are able to draw on a wide range of knowledge, skills and understanding from other members of our learning community to further enhance our learning.

It is our intention that the curriculum of Wellow Primary School is relevant and meaningful to all our pupils. We seek to encourage them to understand how they can apply the knowledge and skills they are learning, to life beyond the classroom.  We also see it as an opportunity to open our pupils' minds and encourage them to be inquisitive and question the world we live in, creating a desire to want to learn more.

Our curriculum is designed to be aspirational, meaningful, creative and to challenge children to be reflective and resilient in their learning.


 Curriculum Narrative

The curriculum is underpinned by four highly relevant world issues, known as the four Cs:-



At Wellow Primary School, we recognise the importance of effective communication within the learning process, it underpins all areas of the curriculum.  We believe our pupils should be able to communicate competently and confidently to a range of audiences and in a variety of contexts. Our curriculum builds opportunities to develop this within the themes of our curriculum and is rich in language development. We recognise that means of communication are constantly evolving and through the effective use of digital resources, our pupils will be better prepared for future challenges. 

Communication is also the key to pupils successfully building relationships both now and in the future. We want our pupils to recognise the importance of listening to appreciating different points of view.


The community and village culture is very strong here. Many of our pupils have had family in the village of Wellow for several generations and whilst this builds robust community spirit, it does mean that some of our pupils have limited opportunities to mix with people or engage in experiences that are from more diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. We want our pupils to recognise that the world is bigger than their village and our curriculum and ethos are implemented to make sure they are prepared for the wider world. We want our pupils to be excited, open-minded and ready to learn more about people from backgrounds or ethnicities that are different to their own. We want to give our pupils chances to meet other people and have varied cultural experiences by expanding our enrichment and learning beyond the school and the village setting.


Like many schools, at times conflict can arise when children cannot see two points of view.  We understand that it is inevitable that children will disagree with each other, and this can lead to conflict. Through our curriculum, we aim to provide pupils with the tools they need to deal with situations appropriately, for example by using restorative conversations and allowing both parties to speak and have time to reflect.

Throughout the curriculum, children will explore how and why conflicts occur and who can help or what can be done to resolve them.  We teach children how resilience is important when dealing with conflict and help them to  know who to ask for help and when.

As our pupils’ progress through school, we want them to be able to form a balanced view. They will explore and learn more about wider conflicts within society, past and present.


The pupils at Wellow Primary School are curious and concerned about the world. They enjoy outdoor learning in our beautiful grounds, in forest school activities and they are enthusiastic to participate in conservation events and activities. We aim to build on this by providing further learning opportunities linked to our growing areas.

We want our pupils to realise that their daily actions have an impact locally and globally. Through our curriculum, we aim to bring these issues to life so that they understand sustainability and are able to form their own opinions and plans for action. We want our pupils to think and develop as leaders and we aim to provide opportunities for pupils to become role models.

We believe our pupils should be provided with the knowledge and skills so that they are informed and have the confidence to take positive action.



 Further curriculum Information

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Our curriculum narrative begins with Communication as we believe effective communication to be the bedrock of all school life. We recognise it is the core thread that underpins all learning and build on this throughout the year.

Our second theme is Culture as we recognise the importance of opening our pupil's minds to recognise and appreciate the diversity of the world in which we live both locally and globally.

Next we move to Conflict in recognition that our pupils have a major role to play in establishing the behaviour expectations for themselves and each other.  We want them to take responsibility for their actions and value the opinions of others. Similarly, we want all children to be able to share their opinions sensitively as equal members of our school community.

Finally, in the summer term, we will focus on Conservation in the season of new growth. We provide opportunities to embed a deeper understanding of the meaning of conservation alongside developing an understanding of sustainability and how our actions can directly impact this.

 Aligned with these threads we also encourage our pupils to have high aspirations by teaching them about human creativity and achievement through additional Competency Units focussing on the achievements of famous figures and groups of people whose legacies are associated with Creativity, Commitment, Courage and Community.